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BANKS Finds Her Own Single Released, But On Someone Else’s Album

banks waiting game cover neon jungle

As an artist, it’s one thing to appreciate another artist’s music, whether it’s by playing it in your set, creating an official remix, or performing your own cover live at your show. It’s completely another thing to record a cover of a song and release it on your album, before the original artist has even gotten the chance to do so. This is what singer/songwriter BANKS just found out happened to her personal piece Waiting Game, when people were noticing it on a UK pop girl group’s new album. Like most BANKS fans who noticed, we had to ask why in the world she would let them release it before she did herself. Here’s what BANKS had to say:

banks neon jungle waiting game cover

While BANKS and fans alike are a bit disgusted and outraged, the move on Neon Jungle’s part was, in fact, legal. Recording published tunes can fall under a mechanical license whereby the recording artist pays a standard royalty to the original author/copyright holder, and is safe under copyright law even if they do not have any permission from the original author. Legal or not, there is the concept of ethical business and overall respect that is severely lacking in this situation, especially for those who know how personal and heartfelt BANKS’ music is. Perhaps that is why the rep for Neon Jungle declined to comment when asked about the sketchy move.

neon jungle banks cover waiting game

“No comment” is the official response of the Neon Jungle representation.

No disrespect to Neon Jungle, but we feel their version is severely over-dramatized and almost theatrical, and not a genuine representation of the single. While they are talented in their own UK Top 40 ways, only BANKS can do BANKS and we are not too afraid of the cover making any major waves at all. Be sure to support the real artist on September 9th, when BANKS releases her debut album Goddess, and yes, Waiting Game in its genuine form will be on the album.

Don’t miss BANKS in Seattle on October 14th (Showbox) and in Portland on October 16th (Crystal Ballroom)!

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