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A Pre-Show Chat With FreakNight Favorite, Brohug (Exclusive Interview)

Swedish trio Brohug came into the dance music scene within the past few years. With hit tracks being played at festivals and nightclubs, If I’m Wrong and the Falling Brohug Remix, The trio has been in the scene way before the birth of Brohug. All three members were apart of DJ world for a very long time.

This year at FreakNight, Brohug took on the main stage with a bouncing crowd packed to the doors. With their new track Boogieman being released on the day of FreakNight, the PNW music lovers got a taste of the new hit. We had the opportunity to sit down and chat with the trio before their set. Check out the full interview below.

DMNW: Your new track Boogieman just came out today, what is the backstory on that and I’m sure we’re going to be hearing a little bit of that today?

Brohug: The backstory isn’t that interesting, to be honest. It’s just that we made a really good track, we had a vocal that said “boogieman” and then the record label wanted to do it around Halloween. So, it was kind of a perfect fit.

*group laughter*

DMNW: There aren’t too many trios in the EDM scene, how did you guys meet?

Brohug: Well two of us are brothers, and the third is like a new brother, a new best friend. We met in a studio complex in Sweden, back in Stockholm. We had rooms next to each other, so we hung out and tried some new stuff and then Brohug came to be.

DMNW: You’re all from Sweden, what genre of EDM music do you think Europe will lean towards in the future? So, do you think European EDM will lean more towards heavy bass, deep house, trap, or something else in the next couple of years?

Brohug: In Europe? It’s going to be BroHouse. Is that a good answer? Hahaha. Well, that’s what we try to do and that’s what we hope for.

DMNW: Brohug broke out into the dance music scene about two years ago, at what point in your career did you realize “we’re finally doing this, we’re booking big shows”?

Brohug: That wasn’t even until April this year, that’s when we started to get festivals in the summer for the U.S. because during March at Ultra, we had a Brohug track in every set. So, after that, it became bigger and around April there were more bookings. Random people started tweeting us while we were back in Sweden making more tracks and we were kind of like “whoa what’s happening over there”.

DMNW: How did you guys find your signature bass house sound and what inspired you guys to play this genre?

Brohug: We were kind of sick everyone leaning towards the whole radio sound. And we were like “you can’t really play this in a club” and we wanted to make music that sounded good in the club. Also, not try to be like anyone else. We try to use what we know and had in the past to make and find our new selves. When all three of us came together, we noticed that we all had something in common. When we tried to put that into music, we realized it was a new kind of sound. So, we decided to do our own thing and not try to be like everyone else and that’s how it all came out.

DMNW: You guys just did some shows in China, how was that experience?

Brohug: It was good, I mean we never heard of some of the cities. *group laughter*. We were in this one city, Guangzhou.

DMNW Tingting: Haha, I was born there.

Brohug: Oh wow, you were born there. But we had to Wikipedia it and found out that it was actually a big city. The whole trip was fun though. It was weird because we had 5 shows and after we “computer’ed it” (Brohug is starting the trend of saying “computer’ed it” instead of “Googled it”) *laughter*, we found out that all the cities were very close, like around a 2 hours car drive. China is so big so we were surprised.

DMNW: What genre of music outside of EDM inspires you?

Brohug: A lot of hip-hop. What we try to do is find influence in all kinds of music. We find different stuff in every type of music. But a lot of hip-hop for sure.

DMNW: What is something new you hoping to bring to the table for house music?

Brohug: Hopefully bring things back to sounds for nightclubs and not just the biggest drops. Make good music and even if it is not number one.

DMNW: Any new projects and music that fans can look forward to?

Brohug: I mean we have so much. When we tour, every weekend, we can easily do 2 or 3 tracks. We have collaborations and a lot of new music. We just have so much, I know it’s a classic answer, but for us this answer is true. We have a lot of different stuff coming out too, a lot of BroHouse but a different type of BroHouse.

Did you catch Brohug’s set at FreakNight? Let us know in the comments below.


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Dance Music NW will notify you when there is breaking news in the Pacific Northwest nightlife industry.