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Looks Like The Lonely Coachella Girls Have Met Their Matches!

coachella boyfriend application - raver

If you haven’t seen the epic application of two girls in desperate need for Dream Coachella Boyfriends floating around the interwebs today, you’ve definitely missed out on a good laugh. The good news, although they are stern on their long list of must-haves to win the part, is that the longing ladies may have just met their matches.. But first, a recap of their utmost desired traits:

General personality and character should be represented by approximately 30% bro (don’t lie – there is a little of it in all of you – just admit it to yourself and save us the time), 7.5% hipster/indie, 12.5% raver and 50% normal.

Two brave men, Alex and Adam, respond to these lonely ladies’ application, with an even higher-stacked resume of qualities than these girls may know what to do with. But hey, it just goes to show that there really might be “such a guy” out there for them..

Coachella boyfriend application - response

The responsive duo immediately gave the girls “pics or it didn’t happen” proof to meet all their specific credentials, and then some..

coachella boyfriend application - hipster

coachella boyfriend application - raver

coachella boyfriend application - bro

While the “normal” portion is yet to be determined, they made up for it with a hefty dose of bragging rights..

coachella boyfriend application - alesso

Alex goes on to include a picture with his mother (for obvious point-scoring reasons) and to say that while he is just shy of their 24+ age regulation, that “age is just a number.” Adam also went as far as to say his favorite hobbies were “football, cuddling, and working out religiously.”

Ladies, if these guys don’t get the job immediately, we honestly don’t believe anyone will. We do, however, appreciate their bold desire to make the most of their festival experience, with like-minded individuals who want to have just as much fun as they do. Who will they choose? Only time will tell. But we vote Team Adam & Alex for this Week 1 Coachella endeavor. (Mostly because they added Flume to their list of must-see artists.)

The only problem is, the ladies remain anonymous.. For now.

Check out the guys’ full response on Tumblr, here.
For more on Coachella including the freshly announced line-up, go here.

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