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Dada Life//Tritonal//Bixel Boys//Andybody: A Playlist For September 20th

Dada Life

How many times have you gone to a show and never heard of the opening DJs? Phew, we’ve been there too! Going to shows is a great way to learn about up and coming artists and hear new music you might not typically listen to. Dada Life released the much-awaited lineup for the Seattle Compound that includes Tritonal, Bixel Boys and Andybody. Tritonal, who has the biggest following aside from Dada Life, was recently in the Pacific Northwest when they played at Paradiso Festival. ‘It’s Now Or Never’: 4 Things You Need To Know About Tritonal is an exclusive interview that some of you might have already read. Of the four names that will be playing on September 20th, very little has been said about the Bixel Boys and Andybody. Who are these two names? Let us give you a crash course.

Bixel Boys, also a duo like Tritonal and Dada Life, consist of Rob May & Ian Macpherson. The pair are “poised to be the breakout act of 2014”. With remixes like Walking On Water and Over It included in the below playlist, you’ll be able to hear for yourself why they are considered a to be such a big hit this year. Bixel Boys are currently sitting just below 50,000 Facebook “likes”. It wouldn’t surprise us to see the Bixel Boys catch up to Tritonal’s success in the coming year (not that success is solely ranked on social media, of course).

Andybody is the newest in the industry and got started in 2013. This however, does not mean he is anticipated to be any less successful. With the full support of Dada Life, Anybody has been labeled the new ambassador of Dada Land.

His music is amazing and he has a huge smile so he fits perfectly with us. Actually we found him in a local music store in Stockholm. He was playing on a ukulele in a corner and we heard some amazing riffs. We just saw the potential and signed him right there! 2013 will show that we weren’t wrong. – Dada Life

The following playlist was made to help you get familiar with each artist that will be at the Seattle Compound on September 20th. Original mixes are also included to help you get a feel for the DJs artistic abilities. Take a listen and let us know which new artist you are most excited to hear along with Dada Life!

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