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Dreamstate, My First Insomniac Event, Was Nearly Flawless: A Review

robot dancers at dreamstate socal 2017

With eight years of festival attendances under my belt, I finally had the chance to check off a major bucket list item: an Insomniac event.

For the first time last weekend, I attended an event put on by Insomniac – Dreamstate SoCal. The moment I pulled up to the National Orange Show (NOS events center) I knew it was about to be an experience unlike anything else. The organization and efficiency of the security team was unreal! They didn’t ask us to remove our shoes, nor did we have to take off any part of our outfits. At most, the line took 10 minutes each day.

Once inside, the security, water, and ground control staff were the most attentive and helpful people I’ve had the privilege of meeting. It didn’t matter if you were looking for a stage or wondering a set time, all questions were answered quickly and accurately!

dreamstate socal 2017 water stations

The doors opened at five and by eight you could tell the attendance had nearly tripled. Though some veteran attendees had issues with the size of certain stage areas compare to previous years, I found it to be spacious with top-notch crowd control.

Unlike most events I’ve attended, at Dreamstate you were able to purchase alcoholic beverages and consume them wherever was most convenient. Having a nice drink to start the weekend without having to awkwardly stand in a sectioned off bar area was the perfect way to embark on my Insomniac weekend.

smirnoff was a dreamstate socal 2017 sponsor

With stages that put other festivals to shame and sound quality to boot, the production at this festival was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Having been in the music scene for almost a decade, you’d think my experiences would be far and wide! However it is just the opposite.

I am a huge sucker for the northwest music scene and our local artists/events.

There is nothing like a night out in Seattle, Portland or even up in Canada. But to my surprise, just for a little while, with Seattle Trance Family all around me, in San Bernardino, CA… it felt like home.

So thank you Insomniac, for giving me the best weekend I could have asked for as my first Insomniac Adventure. Dreamstate SoCal 2017 was like a walk through a dream.

Are you an Insomniac veteran? Or still waiting for the perfect time to attend? Let us know!

performer in white at dreamstate socal 2017

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