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Elevation Radio: DMNW Reader Favorites & Genre Playlists

Elevation Radio is mixed weekly by the best Northwest artists and DJs, breaking new originals, remixes, mashups and bootlegs from the most talented DJs across the world. Hear the Northwest’s best dance music artists like never before, from every genre, any time you want to hear them. Only on Elevation Radio. Only from Dance Music Northwest.

After 15 consecutive weeks of Elevation Radio, the time has arrived for us to display our appreciation for the wonderful artists we’ve had the opportunity to work with! Our goal with Elevation Radio is to provide our scene with a consistent, diverse & high quality source of tunes, mixed & produced only by the best artists the Northwest has to offer. The diversity of the Elevation Radio archive thus far is incredible, with the help of our fellow Northwest artists we’ve been guided through a plethora of dance music sub genres.

Due to the Elevation Radio archive compiling so quickly, we despise the thought of any of you potentially missing a beat. In an effort to prevent this tragedy, we’ve taken on the task to provide a short list of our DMNW reader favorites & also organize each mix by genre. The last thing we want is you wasting your time searching for that groove, efficiency is key! Keep in mind, while we did our best to categorize these by genre, our Elevation Radio artists don’t enjoy DJing like robots and tend to venture away from the classifying genre. Even more reason to give them a listen all the way through, you never know what’s around the next drop!

DMNW Reader Favorites


Toastercookie very obviously demonstrates his passion for defying music genre boundaries with this Elevation Radio mix, ranging from Outkast lyrics to grimy glitch hop drops, we can honestly say we have had this mix on repeat ever since toastercookie submitted it! Seriously, give this mix a full listen through and I guarantee you will not be disappointed, there is a little somethin’ for everyone to enjoy this week! Personally we have found this mix to be the perfect fuel for our workouts, try it for yourself and let us know if you hit that dead-lift personal record! 



For our relaunch episode of Elevation Radio, DARRIUS went all in. Opening the mix with some deep house grooves and then transitioning into that signature, euphoric DARRIUS sound–this is an hour of music you absolutely won’t want to miss! 



Throughout this mix Rion portrays his love & passion for both that classic house sound & those bass pounding, big room progressive house jams. Whether your looking to vibe out to some deep house sounds or bounce around to an hour of progressive big room, we got your groove right here! 



Claiming Digital Ascension is passionate about trance would without a doubt be an understatement. In this 52 minute mix Digital Ascension explores & mixes various Trance sub genres, showing how versatile he is as a Trance DJ all while humbly boasting about his top notch track selection. Digital Ascension does more for the Seattle Trance community then just DJ, he also is the face of “The Sounds of Trance” which is hosted at Club Contour each month  

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