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Fast Forward: Future Bass And Defying Genres

We get it. You are always on top of the latest music and have some sort of precognitive power in distinguishing the next big thing. You’ve been called a Hipster and you’ve been called a Music Elitist; whatever title you’ve been dubbed, it’s in your genetic make-up to lead the musical revolution. There’s nothing wrong with that; in fact, we commend you! Without your enlightened and ever-changing taste, the direction of music could be drastically different! Now saying this, we introduce to you (Yes, I’m sure of you are aware) to Future Bass.

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Future Bass (Or Future Garage) is about defying genres and breaking rules…much like our generation of freedom fighters and nonconformists. There’s an emphasis on a hard, deep bass line, but as for every other part of the song, anything goes. The struggle to stand out in a sea of monotony is a rough road for many producers which is why it comes as no surprise to us that genres are beginning to become sliced and smashed into all different kinds of categories and unnameable classifications. Here we bring you some Future Bass/Garage artists and tunes to get you started on what’s around the corner for the modern-day music elitist.

Let’s start with some chill AF bass with some heavy reverb and chopped vocals accompanied by wood block percussion and smooth sounds. Mount Kimbie does an amazing job encompassing the more laid-back, mellow side of Future Bass.

Ambient Bass/ Garage is when artists combine ambient overtones, intros, and bridges to their garage. Often creating an ethereal vibe. The pioneers of ambient chill-wave, XXYYXX is a soundtrack for a zone-out sesh.

Next, we dip our toes into Dreambass, which features dreamwave style vocals and synthed out leads with hip-hop/trip-hop style beats.  It’s one of the newest movements of wave-like futuristic electronic music and has been gradually rising out of the likes of bedroom producers. Clams Casino is one of the more popular Dream Bass producers, mixing dazzling (trust us, they are breath taking) melodies with hip-hop vocals that create a ghostly echo in our minds.

There is also an underground movement called Night Bass, which has a darker ambient vibe and still envelops the futuristic, ethereal, and innovative feel.

Lastly, we have a more House Bass/Future Garage House. It features futuristic leads, and synthed out vocals accompanied with a Housey beat. Often, they are sped up at higher tempo than earlier Garage.

Where ever your taste lands on the spectrum of electronic music, we know you want Bass-fused music that will hypnotize and memorize; music that will take you another place where you no longer have five senses, but an overall sensory interaction which transports you to amazing heights. Keep on being the best of the best, the future is ours, and we are the future.





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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!