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Feed Me awakens his DnB alias Spor with ‘Anachronic’ EP

It’s been four years too long since we last heard from Jon Gooch’s alternate drum and bass persona Spor. Gooch, better known as Feed Me, has roused his alias awake with an all new EP titled Anachronic.

Released just last week on Jon Gooch’s own Sotto Vice Records, Anachronic arrives with six new stunning tracks. While we’ve missed Spor’s darker, high-caliber sound design, his new EP reveals an evolved range of Spor’s former drum and bass stylings. Anachronic masterfully infuses live elements into a programmed world, composing neuro-funk to an uplifted form. Give it a listen below or on your favorite streaming platform.

Within Anachronic‘s adrenaline pumping tracks you’ll find elevated bass that belongs to a dystopian realm. You’ll feel Spor’s original dark tech vibes of years past with In Rixa, intensified with ethereal and addictive drums. Up next comes Beam Cannon, driving our heart rates up with a funky and abstractly shifting style. Then comes the title track Anachronic, a sonic immersion of shadowy drum n bass delivered with dynamic precision.

Our outright favorite Your Mind is Is Like This Water arrives next with a hauntingly beautiful flute sample from Jon himself. It’s a pure waterfall of tranquility that bridges into a hypnotizing tribal pattern. Prepare for Cohesion to leave you breathless as Spor throws down bombarding drums that blow away into an unreal series of drops. Lastly arrives Count My Blessings, soulfully done featuring Jon’s own vocals.

The cherry on top of an already fabulous EP this track encompasses a drum n bass gone punk vibe that only Spor could design. For those looking to experience Spor’s Anachronic EP check out his UKF On Air: Hyper Vision set. Continuing to prove his unending talent the visuals are done by Jon, and portray his Anachronic EP with vivid imagination.

Being Spor’s first release since his 2016 Black Eyed EP, Anachronic is bigger and better than what we could have dreamed for.

We’d like to note the subtle, visceral meaning behind the EP’s name. “Anachromism” is defined as: a discrepancy between the order of events in a story and the order in which they are presented. Could this mean Spor plans on a full return? Releasing unheard of tunes that all belong to an age where neuro funk once reigned. Or could it be that Spor will transport us into the future, taking us to an apocalyptic unknown? Either way we’ll be waiting, ready to follow Spor’s meticulous sound design wherever he goes.

What do you think of Spor’s new Anachronic EP? Let us know at Facebook and Twitter!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!