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Feed Me Surprises With New “Diplo And Friends” Mix

Not many people have as many friends as Diplo. The Mad Decent leader and one of dance music’s most beloved socialites has been exponentially accruing new friends since the inception of his “Diplo and Friends” radio show on BBC 1Extra in April of 2012. Throughout the last two years, Diplo has hosted the likes of Zeds Dead, Kygo and even himself, for his and Skrillex’s Jack U mix.. The two hour long segments feature two producers spinning for an hour long each week. Diplo’s diverse selection for his weekly broadcast has turned the show into something dance music fans anxiously await for every Saturday at 8 P.M.

This last weekend, Diplo welcomed in the mysterious and illustrious Jon Gooch, who we all know as Feed Me. Feed Me was incredibly active over the fall. He released the magical Psychedelic Journey EP and went on a North American tour of the same name. Jon Gooch also gifted us an interstellar collaboration with Kill the Noise, a mix for Pete Tong and even alluded to an upcoming drum and bass album under his Spor moniker. If there’s anything we get excited about at Dance Music Northwest, it is a brand spankin’ new mix, especially if it’s by a staff favorite like Feed Me. Over the years, Jon’s BBC Essential Mix, Mixmag Mix, Kiss Mix and Annie Nightingale mix have shown the Hertfordshire native’s flawless mixing ability and song selection.

Feed Me’s Diplo and Friends mix is an adventurous listen, as Jon gives us insight on his developed musical palate by playing a lot of tracks that aren’t his. As an immensely talent producer, Feed Me tends to predominantly mix his own tracks together. Each of Jon Gooch’s songs are meticulously crafted to blend with each other. With such a unique and progressive sound, it is hard for Feed Me to even find songs that are up to his production level. However, Jon’s new music label Sotto Voce is a platform to let other talented producers flourish. This is apparent on Feed Me’s “Diplo and Friends Mix”, as Jon featured a plethora of new tracks from his newly found label mates.

Feed Me starts out the mix with a quick intro from Sotto Voce member Tjani. Tjani was the first artist to be picked up on Sotto Voce and was hand picked by Feed Me, following Tjani absolutely tearing it up as an opener for Jon Gooch’s 2013 U.S. Tour with Mord Fustang. Tjani has a broad range of styles he excels at, including trap and deep house. Permutate, Peace Of and the Red Panda (2 AM Minimal Mix) by Sotto Voce member and Psychedelic Journey opener Zeros melded perfectly into the mix. Zeros recently put out a grossly underrated album called Space Noir on the label that needs to be listened to by all fans of dance music. Tinlicker, one half of Black Sun Empire and the newest of the crew, had his new track Nachtwerk featured by Feed Me and also helped embody this mix’s smooth yet mischievious electro vibe. As Spor, Jon Gooch built a crew from the ground up to give us Lifted Music and a unique brand of drum and bass. Now as Feed Me, Jon Gooch is assembling yet another collection of awesomely talented producers that will soon be hard to stop.

A couple of other highlights from the mix are Feed Me’s VIP mix of Pink Lady and an extended mix of his collaboration Far Away with Kill the Noise. Jon Gooch’s tendency to continually rework his songs is simply amazing. Jon also previewed unreleased material that popped up in his Pete Tong mix with Wuzzle and Different World. Spilt Milk is a brand new track that hasn’t previously been featured and is in classic Feed Me style.

To listen to Feed Me’s “Diplo and Friends” mix, just click on the link provided below. The mix can also be listened to on BBC’s website where a tracklist is provided. Let us know what you think about the mix by following Dance Music Northwest on Twitter and liking us on Facebook.



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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!