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Forget What You Know, And Crank Techno

axel karakasis techno

If you are newer to the electronic music scene – say, the last 5-10 years – chances are you really don’t know techno. In the US, festivals and massives are designed to give us what’s the biggest at the moment. But we all know from Top 40 radio that biggest doesn’t always equal best. Thus, we suggest you reconsider what you think you know about techno, and listen. Because, believe it or not, techno is evolving, and it is more bass-driven and deeper than we ever imagined it would be. So to kick off your new love affair with this founding genre, we present to you Greece’s techno king, Axel Karakasis and his latest EP, Crank.

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*WARNING: There’s no epic build or sick drop to let you know what to do here. You will have to forget what you know, and just go with the music; The playfully addictive sounds of pure, sexy, unadulterated techno.

axel karakasis crank greece techno

Axel Karakasis is the most recognizable Greek name in the Techno scene. Remaining faithful to techno since the mid 80s, Axel Karakasis delivers all-fresh, brand new sounds that evolve.

The title track, Crank, is a luscious blend of the dark underground with a heavily flirtatious and addictive beat. The rich bass anchors the grooving track to keep it deep; No chiche, 2-minute builds and drops here. This is techno, baby. We keep it movin’. The second track, Hindsight, is described as “a love affair between deep groove and slamming rhythm throughout.” Some highlights of this project are its sleek, metallic samples and its mind-blowing mid-way climax. Betcha didn’t think techno could hang, did you? We dare you to go against the mainstream grain (which we are sure you’re already great at) and give techno a full-length chance. With music this good, it would be a shame not to.

You can purchase Axel Karakasis’ Crank EP on Beatport.

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