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Golden Features Spotlight after his massive Bronson Album

Photo by Golden Features

Odesza and Golden Features are making all the noise this week, and their new Bronson project is our favorite thing since Porter Robinson’s Something Comforting released in March.

How many times have you replayed the Odesza x Golden Features album? We’ve lost count. Besides the Bronson album, we’ve been listening to Golden Features a lot, and we wanted to know more about the golden masked Australian musician.

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We first heard about Golden Features from Odesza’s 2017 A Moment Apart tour where Odesza and Golden features worked together to release a live edit of Memories That you Call. Through some kind of miracle that release saw the light of day on the Deluxe Edition of A Moment Apart.

Despite learning about Golden Features in 2017, it feels like we’re way late on the hype train. He’s an established producer signed to Warner Bros. Records, and if you want to go all the way back to beginning, check out his debut EP from 2014. It features his anthem, Tell Me. The Australian producer has captured the ears of American and European record labels for half a decade.

There’s nearly 25 songs spread out on Golden Feature’s discography; a full-length album, two EPs and numerous singles. We can’t get enough of his debut album, SECT. The 2018 release will introduce you to the influences and sounds that you hear from Bronson. Fans of Odesza will find that Golden Features and his discography make perfect sense.

We were asked recently to describe Golden Features and what kind of music he makes. Well, he makes deep house, but with flavor. So as a result, his debut album feels close to deep house, but it’s so diverse and explorative. It’s nothing like Anjunadeep. Nox Vahn comes close, but Golden Features has perfected the dark vibe.

If we haven’t persuaded you to check out his music yet, well c’mon! His golden mask is perfect and when the idea became too gimmicky he revealed his identity. Golden Features really just wants the music to shine. We’ve heard this idea from mysterious producers like Zhu and Marshmello: it’s not about idolizing the people who create music, but instead celebrating life.

Were you interested in Golden Features after hearing the Bronson Album? Maybe already a longtime fan? Reach out on Facebook or Twitter!

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