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New Odesza + Golden Features ‘Bronson’ album released in the heat of summer

A full-length album from Odesza and Golden Features is just what we needed deep into Leo Season. The Australian Golden Features, and Seattle natives Odesza, officially released their Bronson Project on August 7.

Odesza has had a lot of time to perfect this album because their last official show was in July 2019. Odesza work best off tour and at home in Seattle. Golden Features worked with Odesza through emails until they ultimately hunkered down in Australia.

Is this your first time hearing about the Bronson project? Recap all the major updates with us since last May. Or if you want to read a goose bump-inducing bio page, check out their Spotify.

Now that we fully understand what the Bronson project represents, it’s time for the music to speak for itself. Where do we begin with this 10-track masterpiece? Vocals from Golden Features chopped and edited, the Gallant falsetto on Know Me, and Heart Attack By Lau.ra as the anthem. Prepare to be surprised, shocked and then wowed.

The Music

It was previously mentioned that Bronson captures some of the darker landscapes of dance music. Odesza and Golden Feature’s grand discovery was finding beauty in darkness. It doesn’t have to be a scary idea or negative, it’s just dark.

Tense comes in as our breaking point. This moment of high stress and tension feels decisive and calculated. It’s like we’ve been tense for weeks now and it’s time to take action. Bronson take the energy to level 10, and then quickly deliver a heavenly outro.

Call Out
During the early hours of Friday morning, on our first play of Bronson we heard Call Out and made a hypothesis. One big aspect of Golden Features music is his voice. Why hadn’t we heard his voice yet on the project? While singing along to the vocal chops in Call Out the light bulb hit us.

Is Golden Features singing on Call Out and other parts of the album, but a vocal chopped version? On the more vocal edited songs like Bline, Vaults, Tense, Call Out, and Contact the only credited producers/singers/writers are the Odesza and Golden feature boys.

Bline plants the core melody for the entire album. It defines the moment where Bronson sat together and jammed for days and weeks straight. At their creative peak they worked to accidentally create songs like Bline.

We can feel and taste how much fun they had working together. The one detail we want to highlight in Bline is the percussion work. It’s dark, it’s angelic, it’s magic. We could, and will, listen to this melody for years.

We Needed This Album.

Thank you for sharing, for working the long and sleepless nights to create Bronson. It’s great what magic can be created with collaboration. The goal with this project was to create something new and exciting. With their initial goal accomplished is there a next step? We can’t wait to find out, but in the meantime these 10 Bronson tracks will satisfy us.

Summer 2020 this is a big moment for us all. With Bronson’s help we know that we can push through to the next chapter.

How is the new Bronson album making you feel? Maybe you are stuck replaying new I_O x Raito, or the Glass Animals album that dropped? Just listen and start smiling with us! Let us know what you thought on Facebook or Twitter!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!