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Google and Porter Robinson Take Us On Feels Trip With Year In Search 2014

What do these searches say about us
What did we search for in 2014

There’s no denying that 2014 has been a year for the books. There have been both some incredibly sad, heartbreaking events as well as events that have given us hope for the future. Technology has enabled us to become closer together than ever, and yet also allowed us to keep others at an even greater distance if we so desire. Science has made some pretty cool advances, allowing us to realize things we never thought possible. Google took advantage of the massive amount of search data it has gathered over the year to give a snapshot of what we’ve looked for the most over the year. The video played beautifully over Divinity, one of the soaring tracks off Porter Robinson’s epic Worlds.

Google has been able to show us that despite the fear that was part of our lives during different points throughout 2014, hope still won out. The same is true of greatness and inspiration. What’s remarkable is that Google chose to utilize an EDM artist for the auditory backdrop. While there’s no denying that the particular track they picked melds beautifully with the clips they featured, it’s equally impossible to deny the force that EDM itself has become. EDM has had a banner year, with top producers earning more than ever before. DJs/producers and the music they create are starting to feature more and more in the small moments of our lives, and it’s not going to go away soon.

Take a minute and a half to watch just how much of the year Google was able to cram into the video. We were stunned by how much emotion they were able to cram into such a short length of time. What moments struck out as big for you? What would you have included in the video? What are you looking forward to leaving in 2014 and what do you wish to carry with you into the new year?

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Lizzy has been raving since the wee age of 14 after being grounded for a month for having rave fliers in her bag. Like her other love, snowboarding, what was supposed to be "a phase" has become an essential part of her life and she is excited to see a new generation developing the same love.

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