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The Way-Too-Early Head Start Guide For The 2018 Festival Season

If you’re anything like us, you’re finally winding down from festival season with your house still partially coated in playa dust or camping dirt, and of course glitter. Your sinuses still remain cracked and dry, and your throat still a bit raspy too it, but like, best season ever right?!

Still coasting on feelings of love with those beats till thumping inside your head, and all you can think of is . . . what next?! Surely there’s something we can do in the mean time to keep us fresh and ready, and most of all, have some fun while it’s kinda gloomy! Well, have no fear, DMNW is here to keep you updated on how to occupy your mind and time between festivals to keep yourself ready for the next adventure!

Get that tickle trunk updated!

There’s probably some work to be done in that department. Summer can be rough on clothes, especially ones you dance in for 8 hours straight in the dust or mud. Take inventory, if there’s holes, patch em up, and if something’s beyond saving, don’t be afraid to let go, or even better yet, re-purpose! A forgotten shirt with too many holes can become a pretty sweet patch, and a pair of jeans that have seen better days make a sweet pair of cut offs for those hot days.

Take em all out, wash them, fold them up, and store them properly so it’s easy to get too next summer! Our advice? Grab some Rubbermaid totes and fill them up with your gear. Not only are they super easy to travel with, you’ve basically just packed already.

If you want to really level up, write out everything that’s in each one and tape it to the top of the tote. That way easy inventory and quick packing! If you want to organize even further, find all the accessories and costume pieces that go together and buy large ziploc or space bags. Store everything inside and write out what outfit it is, and you’re golden! Save yourself the trouble and get organized!

Work on your fitness!

All summer long, you’re constantly moving. Between walking to your campsite multiple times a day and night, hours of dancing, sweating, plus an improper diet and triple the amount of water you usually drink, you’re pretty much guaranteeing yourself a summer bod. But, when that’s all come to an end, what do we do?

Keep it up! Go on hikes, join the gym, walk with your friends, and sign up for drop in dance classes. Work on your moves for next summer and keep fit, so that when the summer rolls around you’ll be in fighting shape and ready to dance all night!

Get back to self care

Let’s be honest here, not everyone finishes the summer in the best shape. If you go to multiple festivals, and especially if you indulge while there, you’re gonna be a bit worse for wear at the end no matter what. So when you get home, and all through the cold months, give yourself a break!

Stay indoors some nights, get cozy, watch movies and spend time with friends. It’s not always time to rage, and these gloomy months are the perfect time to get yourself back to a good head space. Don’t forget to stock up on some vitamins that might have depleted over the summer, B12, 5HTP, Vitamin C and Vitamin D are a good combo for winter months, especially the vitamin D, keep that sunshine all year round!

Research base camp techniques

Sure, you may have had a cool set up last year, but there’s always room for improvement, and the internet has the most info, that’s just a fact. Pinterest has an incredible selection of life hacks and things you never would have thought to do. Just search Festival or Camping Hacks and it’s all in front of you.

Check out camping sites and department stores for deals on last season’s gear. By October, it’s already hitting 50% off and find yourself a great set up for a fraction of what you’d pay last minute. Early preparation pays off!

This just scratches the surface, but it gives you a look at some tips to keep you occupied while you go through festival withdrawals. But remember, if you’re willing to travel, festival season is really all year round, you just have to look!

What about you guys? Any tips on post festival season prep? Let us know in the comments!



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26 years old, with a voracious appetite for bass, dancing, all things art, and a flair for the dramatic, Jamie Gib grew up in the rave scene, having been introduced to electronic music in the late 90s as a small child from his cousin and he joined the rave scene in 2004, and never looked back, A DJ, Promoter, Go-Go Dancer, and writer, Jamie has made his mark on the Vancouver Island scene and beyond, having worked or attended 90% of the festivals on the Pacific North West and has no plans on stopping there. If there's dirty house, drum n bass or glitch hop to be heard, you can bet he's not far behind.

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!