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Hood Politics Records: Stepping Out On the Dancefloor With Confidence

Hood Politics Records has been tantalizing 4/4 audiences on their Soundcloud page, boasting a number of scheduled releases with heavy hitters, including Nutty, DJ Susan, More Than Friends, Dylan Payne, and Memo Rex. Their inaugural release, Label Showcase (HP001), features releases from the integral crew of HPR (as well as beautiful original cover art by Derek Dubler).

For those that don’t know, Hood Politics is a collective of producers and DJs based out of San Diego with a shared appreciation for the upbeat and carefree attitude of house and techno. Self-made and self-taught, this group has familiarized themselves with some of the best underground producers in the scene, and the label showcases just that.

The first track by Nutty (a ‘Music is 4 Lovers’ veteran who was featured in July’s Lovelist for the B-side track of his latest EP) starts the album off with a bang. Nutty is well known for his unique psychedelic beats and heavy-hitting dance floor slayers. Shakin The Block features trapped-out vocals layered over a heavy rolling groove. This fist-pumping tune hits heavy and true, establishing itself as one of Nutty’s best productions to date.

Rilly Groovy is the second track on the release. DJ Susan has crafted a gripping and distinctive sound over the last little while, with well-circulated releases on Spira Music and Prescribed. This song propels you into an underground rave vibe and mindset, thoroughly entrancing and intriguing the listener. The tune is on the border of ghetto-house, combined with pleasingly smooth lo-fi house synthesizers and percussion.

More Than Friends also brings a fantastic tune to the table for this excellent release. His track Hear That, is a spooky, gritty tech house banger that propels your butt into orbit. There are obvious psychedelic vibes on this track (as well as on the others). The punchy, rolling bass-line is as addictive as the greasy and chunky beats throughout this track.

The final track on this release surprised the shit out of us in only the best way. We’ve been listening to a lot from Trippy Ass Technologies (SF) as of late, and this Hood Politics track would be right at home in a set of this new amalgam strain of tech house, booty bass, and breaks. Dylan Payne has obviously spent grueling hours creating the trunk-thumping Bay Area anthem, Body Roll (a very fitting title).


Hood Politics has successfully put out an impressive first release that would make many other prevailing labels envious. This album holds it own against recent releases from Dirtybird and the like, and we’re expecting great things from this imprint in the future. Stay in touch with Hood Politics on Facebook and Soundcloud and get ready for more envelope-pushing, fantastic dance music!

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