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An Interview with One of Seattle’s Local Favorites: Justin Hartinger

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Whenever a local artist begins to receive attention from beyond their home, it’s due time to start paying attention. Justin Hartinger, a local to the Northwest, has had quite the career so far; he’s played at the Gorge, not once, but twice. He is also a key player in the local music scene, while having a few thousand followers on Soundcloud.

Justin started producing in 2010 and live DJing in 2014. He began DJing at house parties in Federal Way and has worked with another local favorite, Levitate. They have collaborated to produce a number of tracks, such as, Darknet, Gunshot, and Entity. Justin Hartinger remixed Justin Martin’s song, “Don’t Go.” Martin now drops Hartinger’s version at his sets!

We recently wanted to learn more about the local favorite, what we can expect next, who he would like to work with, and his thoughts on the development of the Northwest’s local scene.

1. How did you get into music?

JH: I’m not really sure, it’s one question I don’t have a real answer for. I guess my best answer is how did music get into me… ?

2. Is there a venue or festival that is on your bucket list?

JH: The Gorge Ampitheatre is definitely one that was on my bucket list until Magnifique. I have many other venues to cross off, a few of them are Madison Square Garden, P. Diddy’s office, and Pike & Broadway (Cap Hill Block Party).

3. Who is your biggest influence?

JH: My biggest influence (if I had to give you just 1) is Clams Casino.

4. Who would you like to work with?

JH: I assume you want me to keep this list rather short – Clams Casino, A$AP Rocky, XXYYXX, Cashmere Cat, Holy Other, MGMT, Sam Tiba, Partynextdoor, and Gucci Mane La Flare.

5. How was playing at the Gorge for Paradiso, and are you excited to return?

JH: It was good. If going back is in the works then of course, yes I’m ready to get back and get another shot at it.

6. What can we expect next from you?

JH: You can expect less of me and more of my music.

7. What are your thoughts on the development on the Northwest’s local scene?

JH: I think the Northwest is blessed to have one of the most supportive local scenes I’ve ever heard of, Seattle specifically is one place I know that most times the locals are of more importance than some headliners. It’s a beautiful thing. I believe the development of this local scene is key to upcoming artists’ success, without the support it’s hard for an artist to be confident enough to take his/her artistry to the next step. With that being said, I feel that not enough original music is coming from our region, then again when is it ever too much? I would like to see more from local dance music composers, I know for sure Hip-Hop has beat right now (I’m not complaining).


Make sure to keep up on all of Justin’s projects on his Soundcloud, Facebook, and his Twitter. Also be sure to check him out on Halloween weekend at Q Nightclub.

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