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Balancing Life and Music: The Keys to Keeping Your Resolutions in 2018

Keeping Resolutions 2018

Are pesky resolutions actually worth it?

We’ve reached that time of year again! Christmas music has come and gone, and with it, our dignity. Did you cry yourself into 2018 writing down all your resolutions on a napkin at the bar… or did you take the time to create a vision board of the things you hope to accomplish this year?

Whichever approach you took, we have the remedy for your current slacking and frustration. Music really does heal, and with a little bit of guidance, you can ease every mood into pure calm and creativity. Or maybe you need that BOOST to get yourself not only to the gym, but back the next day… and the day after that. Let’s be real, we’re all feeling the post-holiday stress.

1. Physical health and wellness

From quitting cigarettes to managing a meal prep schedule, it can mean just about anything when you set personal health resolutions for yourself in the new year. These goals require some intense motivation, and depending on the type of person you are this can mean a variety of things. Some envision themselves on an island drinking smoothies and leaving bad habits behind, and can carry this attitude over into their reality.

However, if the carefree marimba of tropical house doesn’t do it for you, then the opposite might. From tech trance to dubstep and even some hardstyle, anything over 135bpm is bound to get your blood pumping and keep you on that forward moving momentum. Work hard, play harder. But do the hardest work on yourself. Walk, or dance, away from those bad habits.

2. Mental health and wellness

Telling yourself you can do it every single morning before work can become a daunting task. Failures happen, but allowing it keep you down for longer than it takes to wipe away a tear is how motivation dies out. Maybe you’re mad at yourself, or mad at the world! Either way, reassuring yourself that life will get better starts with the knowledge that you are worth it. Cheesy, no? And that’s how we like it. 2017 was the year of inspirational music. Everyone struggles, but in the end (and I think we all agree) music is the universal language of energy and feeling. So don’t hold it all in, let it out and dance.

Find the songs that tell you how much you can do. Seek out the artists whose music tells tales of their life and how they climbed the same mountains we currently face. Don’t waste the opportunity for personal growth and well being on lyrics that inspire hatred or ego and short-lived fame but rather those of humility, generosity, and inclusion.

3. Financial and or academic success/prosperity

Everyone knows that getting burnt out is the number one way to faceplant directly into the ground that is adult responsibilities. Though sleep is important, that isn’t what we’re pedaling here. We’ve said it before and we will say it again, balance is everything. Get to class, buy tickets to that show and make sure you watch your bank account. Too often people go from 0 to 100.

When you need to blow off steam and don’t allow yourself to space to do so, expect to explode like a tea kettle the second you obtain an ounce of freedom. Waking up hungover, late for work and with a $300 bar tab isn’t ideal. Pace yourself, be selective and make sure you don’t compromise too much of your happiness or success will no longer matter. Accomplish your dreams and reward yourself for it. If it works on your cat, it’s gotta work on you.

4. Peace in personal relationships; either friend, family or otherwise

Much like mental health and providing peace within yourself, relationships take quite a bit of care and consideration. As nice as it is to sing along to self-promoting lyrics and embrace an invincible mentality, sometimes we have to take a step back and realize the world does not revolve around one person. In the gym or at the office it can be everyone for themselves!

When you are contemplating a strained relationship or trying to let one go, often progressive tracks can be the key! Throwing on a mix that has a clear upward climbing format can give you pure adrenaline in a way that is both patient and explosive. Going on a roller coaster of emotion can really snap you out of anything and give you the clarity you are looking for.

How will you ever handle it all?

Starting something is quite easy, some of us even find a way to get up over that oh so beloved hump everyone refers to. Never the less, February rolls in like a bat out of hell. Taxes, work, Super Bowl parties! All of the sudden we’re eating breakfast over the sink and forgetting to feed our pets (GASP)! Between keeping up with music, school, work, family and whatever else fills your days it can be extremely difficult to keep motivation past the initial point of making your goals.

Realizing when its time to turn the music on and your mind off is how you keep yourself balanced and well on track to achieving the most in 2018. Check out our suggestions of inspirational music below as well as upcoming events to battle away those post-holiday blues. Click the link below for a full view of events happening soon near you!

Upcoming Events in Seattle

General Shenanigans

DNB Tuesdays – The Baltic Room
Substance Wednesdays – Foundation Night Club
STA: The Sounds of Trance – The Underground
Noise Complaint – Kremwerk
Bass Therapy – STAGE
Seattle Psy Ops – Substation

What are the most inspirational tracks/artists to you? Let us know in the comments!

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