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Louis The Child Take Over Portland With Three Shows In Two Days (DMNW Review)

The last time we saw Louis The Child in the Pacific NW was for 2018’s celebration of Paradiso. Since witnessing their monumental performance we have been waiting for their return. Last weekend and over the course of two days, they played 3 sold out shows in the Rose City.

The Dear Sense Tour is promoting new Louis The Child Music from their Ep Kids At Play. As of December 2, the EP surpassed 100 Million Spotify Plays. Louis The Child reached this milestone in the quick time since Kids at Play was released on October 26.

Louis The Child touched down in Portland on Thursday, November 29, for a show at the iconic Roseland Theater and a Thursday only after-party at 45 East. These shows were two completely different sets with only one repeat song throughout the 2 shows. The song that we heard twice was the incredible remix they did for Chance the Rapper’s track All Night. Later on Friday, they played their third show in Portland over two days.

Louis The Child made an effort to make their Dear Sense Tour a unique experience. Their hard work paid off. The Dear Sense show is unlike any of their previous festival or mixes they have ever played.

The key is that there are new live remixes and edits that Robby and Freddy of Louis The Child created just for this show. Louis The Child play the original lyrics and buildups and then create a new experience with the drop.

There have been some really good tours in the Pacific NW in 2018 such as Above & Beyond, Odesza, Virtual Self, and Rezz. Louis the Child’s Dear Sense Tour is on par with these performances.

In fact, there were a couple of songs that they kept the original drops due to necessity. We have gathered that if you want to see more of their songs in their original version then you need to catch them at one of their many festival sets. This is a strong technique to keep interest in performers shows ranging from festival and bus tours. Many beloved performers rarely variate between the two.

It’s not a negative that Dj’s set-lists don’t vary from bus tours and festival sets, but it’s a positive that Louis The Child has shown a clear variance between these two worlds. We think that the only time you will be able to hear many live edits of songs like The City and Dear Sense will be during the Dear Sense tour.

After Louis, The Child’s Roseland show, they played a nightclub set at 45 East. It is a short distance between the two venues. The after-party was themed as a PlayGround set.  After their radio show by the same name that airs twice a month.

Their 21 + nightclub set at 45 East definitely felt like an episode of their radio show. It featured the newest and best music: Rezz’s Divinity Remix, Shelter Remix, Upgrade – Popular, A remix of Shut up and Let Me Go By The Ting Tings, Shout by The Isley Brothers. Their PlayGround set also showcased hip-hop, deep house, and garage house. There were a lot of exciting surprises.

For example, DJ/Producer Shaun Frank had a show in Portland the same night as Louis The Child Thursday show in Portland’s No Vacancy Lounge. When his set ended he headed over to 45 east and played back to back with Freddy and Robbie of Louis The Child For 30 Minutes of their PlayGround set.

Two Louis The Child originals were played in the PlayGround set. Their remix of Chance the Rapper’s All Night, and a Shaun Frank remix of Better Not.

After their after-party on Thursday they played a second Roseland show on Friday in Portland, and later they headed to Seattle on Saturday. Their show in Seattle last Saturday at Wamu theater was their biggest show of the Dear Self Tour.

Listen to Louis The Childs Kids At Play EP

Did you catch Louis The Child’s Dear Sense Tour? What do you think of their Kids at Play EP? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!