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Mad Decent Block Party: Way More Than Decent

Mad Decent Block Party Eugene offers Pacific Northwest ravers one more chance to enjoy that final dose of summer festival for the year. But it’s more than just a pit-stop for attendees. From an incredibly impressive line-up to the stellar setting, this insane party does not disappoint. We were fortunate enough to be a part of the magic again this year, and here are a few reasons why we are calling this one of the best Northwest festivals this summer.

[divider]1. The Cuthbert Amphitheater venue is spectacular[/divider]

When it comes to music festival venues, the Cuthbert Amphitheater is a hidden gem. In many ways, it reminds us of a smaller scale Gorge Amphitheater main-stage. The venue offers something for every kind of festival goer. Prefer to get rowdy in the crowd? Head to the front of the stage and dance away. Would you rather feel the grass between your toes and have an elevated view of the entire area? There’s a place for you on the grassy lawn where it’s almost impossible to pick a bad spot. What if you prefer sitting down or need a break from dancing? There is always an open seat to relax in between the stage and the lawn. Not only are there several “experiences” to choose from, but the capacity at the Cuthbert is extremely reasonable. This venue offers an extremely intimate experience without making attendees feel overwhelmed.

[divider]2. The entire line-up was diverse and extremely talented[/divider]

11063622_10204274617857053_3343795904085636046_o (1)

From deep house to moombahton, to tropical house to trap, MDBP offered a diverse line-up that always held our interest. Opening with Brazzabelle was a great choice, and her energy got the crowd going hard almost immediately. Keys N Krates followed with a live set that absolutely blew our minds. Thomas Jack was the perfect “calm before the storm” that helped everyone find some time to enjoy a drink while laying in the grass and soaking in the 90-degree weather. While every single performer was worth watching, Keys N Krates, What So Not, and Major Lazer were the stand outs for the evening. Major Lazer’s interactive performance was unique and unforgettable.

[divider]3. Food & drink vendors were different, interesting, and inexpensive.[/divider]

Cuthbert Amphitheater offers a wide range of food choices at very reasonable prices. For those of us who prefer to dance with a drink in hand, the options of wine, microbrews, canned beer, & Mike’s Hard Lemonade were offered at extremely reasonable prices ($5-6). Some of them even came in specially made Mad Decent themed cans! Food and drink lines were never too long, and ATM fees (at $2.75 a transaction) were reasonable.  For ravers on a budget, MDBP Eugene offers a way to party on a budget and still be able to eat and drink.

[divider]4. The crowd, the energy, and the vibes were incredible ALL NIGHT LONG.[/divider]

12045407_10204274616017007_7120920764208365146_o (1)

There’s something about the crowd you can’t really explain to other people when it comes to Mad Decent Block Party. It’s something you just feel while you’re there. The Mad Decent family is truly group of friendly, smiling, accepting, energetic fans who can keep the energy going and going… and going! Attending MDBP combines the elements of a music festival, block party, backyard house party, and rave into one truly unique experience. Add the great music and perfect venue, and you really can’t go wrong. If you missed this year’s show, be sure to check it out sometime next year!

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