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Madeon Releases “You’re On” And Annouces Upcoming Album

Madeon "you're on" and album announcement

Over the past few years, the electronic dance music scene has witnessed Madeon transform from a 16 year old French prodigy into one of the most unique and well-versed artists currently making music. Madeon’s meteoric rise since his days of epic Launchpad mashups have brought the French producer a pinnacle point; he is on the verge of releasing a debut album in 2015, entitled Adventure. In conjunction with the thrilling news of the upcoming LP, Madeon dropped the lead single from Adventure with You’re On, featuring vocals from Kyan. If for whatever reason you’re not excited for Adventure yet,  listening to You’re On will quickly fix that.

Madeon’s production crosses into several different genres but always maintains the signature sound that makes his style so unique. Ranging from electro house to nu disco, Madeon’s sound also carries a hint of pop that only adds to his mass appeal. For the majority of 2014, Madeon has been laboring away in the studio to finish Adventureso he has only released enough material to agonizingly tease us. His dirty electro track Imperium popped up on the FIFA 15 soundtrack and the phenomenally disco Cut the Kid surfaced after two years of it just hanging out on Madeon’s computer. Older tracks such as Technicolor, The City, Finale and Icarus are still frequent our decks here at Dance Music Northwest and have proved to be as timeless as ever.

You’re On is a great introduction to Madeon’s Adventure project, as the song is layered with fresh chiptune melodies and articulate chord progressions. You’re On‘s clean kick, sweet synths and smooth bass complements the funky yet poppy vocals of Kyan. Madeon has shown once again that he can also make lyrically-driven songs very well. As per usual, Madeon adds his own flavor by distorting and chopping up the vocals to better fit his sound. You’re On is definitely more towards the melodic and poppy end of Madeon’s production, which makes it prime fodder for a lead single. Madeon has set his standard pretty high, so while this might not necessarily be his best song, there still isn’t a whole lot not to like with You’re On. The good vibes are too much to resist.

To listen to You’re On, click on the SoundCloud link below. With Madeon’s new album coming out soon, remember to stay connected with Dance Music Northwest by following us on Twitter and liking our Facebook page so we can let you know as soon as it comes out!

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