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Monstercat and Roblox introduce next generation to EDM

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Recently the record label and Canadian behemoth, Monstercat, announced an unlikely partnership. Roblox, a video game geared towards the 9-12 year old age demographic, signed an exclusive catalog deal with the label. The game flaunts accessibility, as young kids can create and share new worlds. Together, the Pacific Northwest-originated Monstercat will provide over 50 tracks for users to build into their personal game design. At over 150 million users, Roblox offers robust points to peak younger interest.

Familiar names, fresh audiences with Roblox partnership

Some Monstercat household names appearing in the Roblox catalog include Dion Timmer, Koven, and recent northwest attendee Pixel Terror. While the inventory appears overtly hype bass focused at first glance, a second look reveals notable electronica candidates as well. Duumu, Grant, and CloudNone all feature tracks with a relaxing but still textured composition.

Arguably one of the more family-friendly brands of electronic music, the partnership makes total sense. Although a few releases may not pass an entire G-rated test, much of the Monstercat brand is synonymous with lighthearted and upbeat music. Marketing to such a young group of listeners, though practically unprecedented, is critical in attracting a fresh audience. Because raves and festivals are canceled indefinitely (and were virtually non-existent for pre-teens regardless), the electronic music industry is forced to explore alternatives, or risk getting left behind.

Monstercat CEO encourages a welcome reception from fans

As Monstercat CEO Mike Darlington challenges, the barriers that discourage youth involvement have been broken down. He noted that the first discovery in electronic music can be crucial to a person’s connection over time. Many opportunities exist to engage and cultivate new listeners in congruent environments. Darlington also requested the more adult-aged Monstercat fan base welcome in younger listeners with respect.

Ultimately it appears this is only a toe dip in the water for reaching younger audiences. Monstercat’s dedication to testing innovative ways of including new listeners proves to be so far well-received. Empowering creators to foster a connection to new music is a foundational piece of electronic music, whether in Roblox or beyond.

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