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Now entering from stage left, our next performer, Whethan

To us, Whethan feels low-key. He’s a producer who has quietly earned success. In 2016 at the young age of 17 the Chicago producer released his first official single, Can’t Hide. Whethan’s first two singles were self released without a label, but in late 2016 Whethan teamed up with Flux Pavilion and MAX to release Savage on The Atlantic Recording Corporation, AKA Atlantic Records.

What propelled him to team up with Flux Pavillion? How did he release two singles without a label and still earn widespread recognition? Well, starting in 2015 Whethan posted his remix of Mssingno’s XE3. This was his big break, and this remix helped introduce the world to Whethan.

After listening to the Mssingno remix we understand why Whethan’s career accelerated to the next level. Whethan’s 2015 remix feels like a top-shelf song, and five years later it’s aged well. Mssingno XE3 (Whethan turn) now sits comfortably at 13 million Soundcloud plays.

Being a Chicago native, it’s no surprise that he has linked up and became good friends with Freddy and Robby from Louis the Child. The real question is what came first? The chicken or the egg? Louis the Child started making noise in late 2015, early 2016, around the same exact time as Whethan. Friendly competition helped show Freddy, Robby, and Whethan their true talent.

The Music

Now that we know a little extra about Whethan’s history can we please talk about his 2018 album, and his history of collaborations with the Oliver Tree? The Life of a Wallflower, Vol 1 was released on Atlantic Records in 2018. If you only have time to play one song preview number seven on the tracklist, Be Like You (feat. Broods).

Whethan has stayed loyal to Atlantic Records, as they have signed nearly all of his tracks. Perhaps Whethan has developed a good relationship with the long standing label that was founded in 1947.

The Life of a Wallflower is heavy on lyrics, but you can’t pinpoint it as a pop album or a hip hop production. It’s close to future bass and has a lot of unique qualities that are signature to Whethan. What’s so fascinating about this album? To keep it short and sweet, Whethans’ album feels close to perfect.

Next is Whethan’s long standing friendship and collaborations with Oliver Tree. Together they have released Freefall, Enemy, When I’m Down, Do You Feel Me?  They have established an ongoing collaboration that has given both their careers good publicity, not to mention, working together has influenced their future productions.

Producer and DJ

What about Whethan’s mixing skills? For us to really judge and rate a DJ or producer we have to hear how they perform. If Whethan’s discography felt too poppy for you then his mixes will be what you really appreciate. Here are two career defining mixes from Whethan.

First is Whethan’s Intermission Broadcast 007 mix that he crafted for Odesza’s mix series. This really shows you what Whethan is about.

Lastly is a live performance by Whethan and Robby from Louis the Child where they went b2b for Brownies and Lemonade. This is heavy and experimental, but it’s still Whethan with max energy.

What more is there to say about Whethan? He is only 21 years old and is signed to one of the longest standing record labels in the world. While simultaneously he does his best to stay low-key and honest.

Want to know more about Whethan? Who should we talk about next and why should it be Odesza? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!