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Our Takeaways From Pasquale Rotella’s Reddit AMA

Pasquale Rotella, the Founder & CEO of Insomniac, recently did an ask me anything on Reddit about EDC Las Vegas 2019. EDC seems to be evolving every year, with more lights, stages, and performers, and with change comes wonder and questions. EDC fans took to Reddit, and these are the top things we got out of the AMA session.

Fine tuning Camp EDC

Camp EDC seemed to go pretty well, but of course there were some hiccups. One was the wait time to enter the camping area. One headliner reported 4-8 hours for check in. Pasquale agrees the time to get in was unacceptable and has some plans for this year.

“Last year’s wait times were unacceptable. Fixing that and other processes is one of our main focuses for Camp EDC. We’ve had many planning meetings just about this. We will have a revised entrance plan that includes more lanes with more people working, check-in staff will be more experienced, and we’ll have better processes all around without sacrificing the safety of you, the Headliner. We’re also extending check-in hours to spread out the traffic ingress.”

Additional Improvements

Pasquale seems to be just a raver full of love for others, working on giving people the best experience. While camping is a big thing on his list to fix, he has high hopes for many things.

“There is not any one change that gets me excited, improving all aspects of the event is the most exciting goal. I’m always looking to improve and make things better. Camp EDC is a focus, new stages, new lineup, new art, creative aspects we’ve been working on that finally come to fruition, better processes, better logistics, and just an overall better experience. It’s all equally important to me.”

He also has plans for the streaming coverage. “We are planning to do multiple channels, which will allow multiple stages and full sets to be streamed.”

How EDC happens

Have you ever wondered who all works on EDC? Though Pasquale started the company, he obviously doesn’t do everything himself. So how does it run?

“There are about 100 Insomniacs here in the office working on the festival year-round, but we actually subcontract out thousands of staff during the festival. I personally work on all of the stages with the creative department here at Insomniac HQ and we also collaborate with outside artists, which changes from year to year depending on the stage and event.”

Tips from Pasquale himself 

Whether it’s your first or third time attending EDC Las Vegas, it is cool to get some tips from the man behind the idea. His advice is,

“Wear comfy shoes, stay hydrated, plan a meeting spot with your crew, and dress up to contribute to the atmosphere (that’s always appreciated). When you walk through the gates imagine walking through a portal that allows you to leave all judgement behind and open your heart, be your best self, and put out the best energy you have.”

I think one of the things people are missing out on is Camp EDC. Aside from the entrance experience that is going to be fixed, the energy and vibe there was so unique and I was really excited about it. At EDC itself, I would say checking out the nooks and crannies like the saloon and the live band in there. Of course, seeing an amazing DJ at the big stages is cool, but I really think looking out for artists you’ve never heard of or up-and-coming DJs is something everyone should do.”

It sounds like EDC 2019 has been in the works for a little over a year, and it is going to be one for the books. It is awesome to read how excited Pasquale is about production, camping, and overall experience for his headliners. The trailer is out and tickets are on sale now!

What are you most excited about after Pasquales AMA? Let us know in the comments below!


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1 Comment

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!