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Rezz It's Not a Phase Album cover
Credit: Hypnovision


Rezz releases surprising new ‘It’s Not A Phase’ album (DMNW Review)

Last month, international EDM superstar Rezz released her newest EP on her label Hypnovision, titled It’s Not a Phase. This release is Rezz’s first big release of 2023 and her first early press release since her career debut. This release marks a big turn in Rezz’s career, with a new and refined style, sound, and attitude. Collaborating with artists across several genres and taking influences from outside the EDM sphere, It’s Not a Phase is full of emotionally moving tracks and incredible collaborations.

The Canadian-born producer and DJ has had several successful releases over the years. After honing her style and skill with her 2017 release Mass Manipulation she quickly took the dance music scene by storm. She then blew us away with the entrancing songs of Certain Kind of Magic, giving us some of the hardest tracks of her career. Since then, Rezz has evolved her music from bass-heavy downtempo to a more melodic and emotional style with several single releases as well as her full-length album Spiral. It’s Not a Phase is another step in Rezz’s musical evolution, showcasing her maturity in songwriting, sound design, and presentation.

Rezz on stage with her hands up wearing her glasses

Credit: RUKES

The cover art for the album depicts Rezz with a new look. She sits outside a castle-like door dressed in an all-black suit, and trademark LED goggles, and left behind her classic straightened ponytail for short and curly hair. This rebranding is absolutely fitting to match the overall feel and presentation of this release.

The EP itself is a huge turn from her previous releases as a dance music album. It’s Not a Phase features a seamless blend of emo, metal, and pop influences with downtempo and electronic movements. Featuring collaborations with artists like Alice Glass, Silverstein, Johnny Goth, and Tim Henson, Rezz is branching out her musical horizons to incorporate more traditional instruments and elements to express her vision for the project.

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Photo by Rukes

As a composition of music, the early press is incredibly cohesive. From song to song, the overarching themes of internal conflict and romantic struggle hold together the album for an intense listening experience. These songs are a continuation of Rezz’s progression from her previous album, Spiral, in that the songs are more vocally-driven while still keeping their foundations in EDM.

Although this is a big change in Rezz’s brand of music, she still stays true to her roots. Her sound design and flow remain consistent, staying with the project’s hypnotizing, dreamlike textures along with repeating and progressive phrasing. She has used her talents to combine multiple genres to create a unique piece of music that delivers the same message as her previous songs while maintaining the project’s integrity. Her ability to change and mature throughout her career while redefining the standards of her musical abilities proves why Rezz has become such an icon in the EDM scene.


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!