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7 PNW Artists Heading Costa Rica’s Bamboo Bass Festival

Bamboo Bass, Costa Rica

The Pacific Northwest is one of the greatest places in the world. We’ve got it all here. Temperate weather, breathtaking scenery, and people that define what west coast living is all about…and then there’s the music.

Some might call us spoiled, and…well, we probably are. With some of the biggest names in our scene residing from somewhere within the PNW, we’re exposed to a brand of music that is not only unique to our corner of the world, but also one that is in high demand around the globe.

Bamboo Bass, Location, Costa Rica

Right here, to be exact.

One place making such demands just happens to be Jaco, Costa Rica, home of Bamboo Bass Festival. Bringing together the best in the world of bass music, Bamboo Bass showcases everything we want and love from the PNW, including full pK sound, in a tropical destination.

Truly a bass lover’s paradise, Bamboo Bass proudly features the heavy hitters of the low end sounds we’ve all grown to love. Ekali, KJ Sawka, Pigeon Hole, The Librarian, Ill Esha, Subsonic Drops, and Perkulat0r represent the PNW artists in this year’s already stacked lineup, and join international headliners like Truth, Space Jesus, Buku, Mala, Falcons, ill.Gates, and a Sleeveless Records takeover hosted by none other than the original sleeveless warrior himself, Stylust Beats!

Bamboo Bass, Headliners, Costa Rica

With such a stacked lineup already announced and more names still waiting to be dropped, the second year festival just keeps looking to improve on its inaugural year. Check out the lineup so far below, and click here for info on how you can purchase tickets to help with those inevitable February blues.

But before you go and start spending your hard earned money, take a look at the volunteer opportunities available and maybe think about lending a hand. There are two options depending on how involved you want to get, and not only does it include meals, exclusive parties and gear, plus early access to the festival, but you’d also be helping to form the structure of what Bamboo Bass can become!

Bamboo Bass takes place February 17–19, in Jaco, Costa Rica, and the team at DMNW is stoked to get an early jump on our festival season in 2017. In the meantime, start checking out flights to San Jose and keep your eyes peeled for some exciting opportunities coming your way from Bamboo Bass & DMNW!

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