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Talking WTF Tour and Bass Canyon with Herobust (Interview)

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The first ever Bass Canyon went off without a hitch in our very own backyard, bringing together all the Northwest’s bassheads with some of the premier talent in the genre. Excision brought our favorite artists to the breathtaking Gorge Amphitheatre, including Herobust. The Atlanta-based DJ and producer busted the crowd with his set on Saturday including dropping his new song, WTF.

We had some questions for Herobust for his upcoming tour and projects. Check out the full interview below!

Any Bass Canyon artists you are dying to collaborate with?

Herobust: Yo, I love all these DJ’s but I think I’d most love to collab w/ Spag Heddy. He and I have some mutual friends, but we haven’t gotten together for a collab. Yet…

The Gorge gets a lot of attention for its scenery. Are you into the outdoors? Hiking, kayaking, etc.?

You know, I’m super into fitness and exercising, so when these festivals happen in places that are scenic, I’m always excited. Will I be hiking? I don’t know yet, but for sure I love being out in nature!

Which stop are you most excited for on your WTF tour?

I don’t know if there is any one place I’m excited for, I’m going to a bunch of places that hold a special place in my heart. Australia has definitely been a vibe every time I’ve been there, and Europe is also insane. There are so many EDM fans all over the world, and they all bring something special to the shows I play.

How is your WTF tour different from your previous tours?

I think what makes it different is that I’m going to be bringing some of the best bass music to everywhere, and I hope that what makes it different, is what makes me consistent, which is creating an elevating moment that you can’t ever forget!

Can you go into more detail about the creation of your new track WTF? 

I could nerd out on the production of the sounds, and I’m sure a few readers might dig that someday. But I think what this track came from was this interest in taking something I’ve gotten good at, production wise, and really flexing the muscle. I wanted to make this track something that you can’t get anywhere else. I have made tracks in the past with that in mind, but I think that WTF really ups the ante a bit. I’m showcasing something that is way above conventional drops, and really showing the evolution of a sound, instead of just showing off a cool sound.

There are a couple of months left in 2018. Big tour aside, what are you hoping to accomplish between now and New Years?

I’m hoping to show off this track, bring the bass where its needed, and show people the true power quality drops have on the mood of a show.

What else can fans expect from Herobust? Any big projects in the works you’re able to reveal?

Oh, there are some things I’m working on that I know people will be interested in. It could be a new EP. WTF is only a little taste of something bigger that could be anything but average for EDM these days.

What did you think of Herobust’s set at Bass Canyon? Let us know in the comments below!

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