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Polarity, Episode 002: It’s A Trap!

Trap Music, good or bad? Find out in this week's Polarity

Love it or hate it, trap music has contributed to the best of our nights and the butts of our jokes. It has started the twerk revolution, and turned away tons of electronic lovers. It’s a trap! Or is it? Join us and cast your vote below, as we discuss why you should love that 808 – or why fans are just in it for the booty – in this week’s edition of Polarity.


Whether you like to put your hands in the air, twerk like Miley, move that a… er… butt like an earthquake, or “get low when the whistle blow,” you probably love trap. Trap helps us grab a drink, let loose, and caters to the fun, goofy side of raving. And for those of you who think trap is a simple combinations of 808s and snare drums, consider this: Trap music was being created by groups like Three 6 Mafia and UGK long before it ever mainstreamed. It’s always evolving and forming it’s own sub-genres, like the aptly named “twerk” and the Brillz-inspired sound of “twonk”. Most importantly, trap gives us another way to share our love of dance music with an enormous group of people: hip hop fans. As a community dedicated to sharing our love of life and music with others, there’s no better way to reach out to others than through the music itself. Finally, we leave you with this: Trap brought us Diplo, who in turn brought us Mad Decent, which in turn helped bring us some of our favorite DJs and producers such as Dillon Francis and Major Lazer. TWERK TEAM.

Demo imageMichelle KandlerMarketing Director
Demo imageKitty Slocum Features Writer


Who doesn’t love to dance? In our scene, it’s what we live for. We love ourselves a complex, layered melody with heartfelt lyrics, a steady beat, and message we can all get behind. So how about this. How about we take out all the interesting lyrics and replace them with someone screaming “RUN THE TRAP” in our ear repeatedly. Next we’ll decide not to use the vast array of technology at our disposal and instead opt for one of the first programmable drum machines ever created, the TR-808. The awesome thing about 808s is that instead of crisp, hard-hitting bass, you get tinny snares that sound like they were created by an 8 year-old drumming on tupperware with a plastic spork. Finally we can mix that all together for our final product and call it “Trap” so that the only sanctioned form of dancing takes place upside down up against a vertical surface. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Demo image Nick Cannata-BowmanFeatures Writer

What do YOU think? Do you twerk, shake, and drop to Trap beats, or do you shake your head at the sound of an 808?  We’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about controversial genres, but none of them have created as much chatter in our offices as this one. Tell us in the comments below: Bangin’ or a bust?

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