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The Vancouver Showcase: The Artists

vancouver nightlife artists

Hello citizens of the PNW and beyond, welcome to the first of four installments of The Vancouver Showcase. Whether you live here, you’ve visited before, or you’ve never even heard of Vancouver, keeping reading as we dive into what makes this city rad.

Vancouver. Where to begin on this majestic city… We’re sure you’ve all read articles about Vancouver being boring, “too chill” and lacking in nightlife but we want you to know the authors of those articles are boring and only chose to seek the surface of this city.

We often feel like we are already bragging too much with our stunning scenery and extremely progressive health care system, but in this series we’re going to brag just a little more to show you some even more dope stuff. [pullquote align=”right” ]”Too scenic and livable to be considered exhilarating in any way”[/pullquote]When people think of Vancouver, typically visions of mountains, rivers, bears, and rain come to mind. Of course, all these things are true but it there is so much more to this Canadian city.

Little do outsiders know that the electronic dance music scene is absolutely thriving right now and the community up here is bumping. If our legal drinking age and the Canadian dollar at an all-time low wasn’t enough to convince you to come party in the Seattle of the North; in this 4 part series we are going to show you the dope artists, the venues, the faces of the party and the “others” that are hard to categorize but are important.

This week let’s take a look at the Vancouver artists that keep our ears smiling, our butts shaking, and our scene growing. Click the artists name to get redirected to our favourite set of theirs.

The Librarian

Andrea Graham, or The Librarian, is some sort of God to us Vancouverites. Don’t let the tame name misguide you, this is one fierce lady. Not only is she one of the founders of Bass Coast Music Festival, she is also a beast on the turntables. The Librarian has been making some big noise all over the PNW for nearly a decade now, gracing the stages of Shambhala, Symbiosis, and Burning Man just to name a few.  Everyone in attendance at Bass Coast shows up to her set as a type of homage or salute to everything she has done for the dance music scene around Vancouver. (Also, obviously, because her beats are dirty, destructive, futuristic, and all that other good stuff you want to hear).

the librarian vancouver dj

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Just a homie dancing and exploring through the PNW. Find me on the dance floor or the mountain tops!

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