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Ways To Shine On Through The Rain At Bumbershoot

bumbershoot 2013

weather forecast

The forecast for this Labor Day weekend is a little short on sunshine, to say the least. It looks like Bumbershoot is going to be on the rainy side, but as always, we have you covered. In addition to bringing a waterproof jacket and maybe a plastic poncho in your bag (you can sit on it on the grass), we have a few ideas to keep you dry. Although many of the stages are outside, there are plenty of things to do inside as well, so here are some of our favorite events & sets that take place under real roofs.

[divider]USC Events’ Silent Disco[/divider]

silent disco

It’s finally time for the long-awaited Silent Disco presented by USC Events. The lineup features tons of rich local talent including Darrius Washington, Alex Bosi, Johnny Monsoon, Justin Hartinger, Rome, Sean Majors, and T-Rips. Headliners for each night include Dr. Fresch, Candyland, and Dieselboy respectively. Step into the EMP Sky Church and put on those headphones. Choose which DJ you’d like to hear and start grooving.

[divider]Laser Shows at Pacific Science Center’s Laser Dome[/divider]

laser show

Laser shows are playing every hour at the quarter hour from 6:15-9:15 each day. Catch Laser Daft Punk on Saturday, Laser EDM on Sunday, or Laser MGMT on Monday. There are plenty more shows to see, but those are some of our favorites. Bonus points for this one: you have the option to lay down on the floor for a bit while you enjoy the show! If nap time happens, it happens.

[divider]American Poster Institute’s Flatstock 51[/divider]flatstock postersTake a break in The Armory and take a look around at all the great posters that Flatstock 51 has to offer. There will be tons of cool concert posters to check out and some of the artists will be present, as well!

[divider]Contemporary Dance & Breakdancing[/divider]


It’s labeled as “Dance” on the map and you can find it South of Key Arena. At the Pavilion Stage, you can see acts like Maximum Velocity dancing their contemporary-dancing hearts out. If you’re looking for some top notch breakdancing, you’ll want to swing by for the Reign Supreme Breakdancing Competition which spans all three days of the festival.

[divider]Key Arena[/divider]

key arena

Probably the most obvious and most fun place to hide out from the rain is Key Arena. Find a good spot on the floor or take over a row of seats with friends. You can catch smaller acts like Flying Lotus, Salva, and Emancipator here. And of course, you can catch some DMNW favorites here like Zedd, Bassnectar, Flosstradamus, and Tchami. Pro tip: if you want a good spot for an artist’s set make sure you get there early! You’re not the only one that wants to be all up in Zedd’s business.

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Hailing from the golden hills of California, Tina lives for sunny days in Seattle. With an expansive taste and hunger for both food and music, she loves all things from Celine Dion to Slipknot (and of course EDM).

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