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Did ZHU Just Reveal Himself As Skrillex At Stereosonic?

Zhu Skrillex Stereosonic

Ever since he first burst on to the scene with his mysterious Nightday EP, the question on all of our minds has been simple: Who is ZHU? The anonymous yet talented producer has recently embarked on his first slate of live performances, further deepening the mystery of his true identity. Now, we may very well have our clue following his performance over the weekend at Stereosonic Festival in Brisbane.

Part-way into his set, ZHU dropped his iconic hit Faded, as an enthusiastic crowd grooved along. Suddenly, the track started to fade away, and into a track we all recognize: My Name is Skrillex. Up from behind the decks popped none other than our favorite bass-y haircut, Skrillex himself. In a video recorded by one fan, we can hear the recognizable voice of Sonny Moore telling the crowd to throw their hands up, with a blurry zoomed Big Foot-esque view showing us a DJ who sure looks a lot like him. Per the description of the video:

Zhu playing Faded which then interludes to My Name Is Skrillex with the man himself announcing that he hoped people enjoyed the Zhu Projects. Now this may be a bit of a troll or could very well be Zhu’s identity reveal!

Both Skrillex and ZHU were in the lineup for Stereosonic, so it would make sense to have him make his big reveal there (also worth noting, Skrillex was in California the same weekend as ZHU over Halloween weekend). It remains to be seen whether or not this is actually true, but it certainly would make sense if one of the most talented DJs in the game right now turned out to also be a talented deep house producer. Peep the full video from Stereosonic below and let us know what you think!


Our friends over at Do Androids Dance have an interesting theory as to why ZHU is in fact not Skrillex, while others still are positing that ZHU could be a collaborative project among a bunch of artists. The plot continues to thicken as the day goes on, so keep checking back in for updates as they come!

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