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Electric Love Festival


The 2017 DMNW Guide to Electric Love Music Festival

The DMNW crew is packing their bags once again, and are off to another festival weekend! This time were headed to Agassiz, British Columbia for our first ever Electric Love Music Festival. The intimate festival appeared on our radar earlier this year and we pre-sale tickets starting at only $50CAD is was an obvious choice. After the festival released their lineup back in April, we were immediately hooked, and couldn’t wait to see what Electric Love was all about. Just a short 90-minute drive outside Vancouver, the 4-day festival has shown some serious promise ever since it first debuted back in 2015.

As always, no two festivals are the same, and it’s always nice to be prepared before you leave home. While this will be our first Electric Love, it’s certainly not our first festival, and using that knowledge, we’ve compiled all the info you’ll need to make sure your weekend as memorable as possible.

Arrival and Ticketing Info

If you’ve done your homework, then chances are you’ve already secured your ticket. We do know however there are those few who make last minute decisions, get time off work, and just decide that don’t want to risk a serious case of FOMO. There are a few tier 4 tickets still available through the event’s website, so if you’re thinking of going and haven’t gotten you ticket…GET ONE! If you need a little more convincing, throw in the promo code “dance&befree” and save $50!

Tickets for Sunday only will also be available for $125CAD starting at 10am on Sunday at the gate.

[accordion-group title=”When Can I Arrive?”]

The festivals gates are open during the following times:

Friday, July 28th: 10am – 10pm
Saturday, July 29th: 10am – 10pm
Sunday, July 30th: 10am – 10pm

A little advice on arrival from the Electric Love staff:

“When arriving please have your festival pass ready for processing, this is where you will receive your wristbands and directions to your campsite. Once you have passed this checkpoint you will be processed into our security screening. Security is available at all times to guarantee the safety and well-being of our guests.”


[accordion-group title=”How Do I Get There?”]

The festival is held at the Cheam Fishing Village in Agassiz, British Columbia. We’d suggest throwing “930 Appel Road, Agassiz, BC” into your GPS or phone for directions.


[accordion-group title=”What Do I Need to Get In?”]

This goes without saying, but you’ll need your ticket! If you have a print-at-home version, make sure you’ve printed that bad boy off. If you have a hard copy, be sure to double check your bag before leaving. No sense making the drive twice just because you left it at home.

Additionally, Electric Love will require you to have your government-issued ID.


Photo: Electric Love Facebook

Camping and Packing

No matter how many festivals you’ve been to, there is always an opportunity to improve. From upping your camping game, to packing lighter, there’s plenty of room to learn. Whether you’re scrambling last minute, or you’ve been prepared for the last month, it’s always a good idea to go over your packing list one last time before leaving. While some essentials are obvious, there are those items that tend to be forgotten. We highly suggest taking a look at our Not So Obvious Festival Packing Guide for more in-depth packing info.

[accordion-group title=”What Should I Pack?”]

We definitely recommend our comprehensive guide above, but here is a short list of things we certainly suggest you have:

  • Your ticket and ID
  • A tent
  • Clothing for ALL weather types (Be prepared for a rainy day, or a cold night.)
  • More socks/underwear than you think you need
  • Water storage (Camelback, refillable bottle…)
  • Positive attitude!


[accordion-group title=”What Can’t I Bring?”]

This list is quite obvious and tends not to be very different from any other event. It crucial for both the success of the event and respect for the staff that you keep to these rules. Electric Love asks that you not bring the following…

  • Glass (especially bottles & mirrors)
  • Alcohol (Electric Love is an alcohol free event)
  • Illegal substances
  • Fireworks
  • Weapons
  • Sound systems
  • Aerial drones
  • Laser pointers


[accordion-group title=”What’s The Weather Lookin Like?”]

The weather is never guaranteed, so we always suggest planning for the best and worst. Last year, things got a little wet, and temperatures at night were a tad chilly. Currently, the forecast is showing a beautiful weekend with no rain and cool nights. One thing we can not stress enough is to DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. Even if it doesn’t feel hot to you, your body needs it. There are several water stations across the festival grounds so familiarize yourself with their locations and use them frequently.



MUSIC! (Set Times, Scheduling, and Must-See Acts)

It wouldn’t be a music festival without well…MUSIC! This year’s lineup is seriously stacked with amazing artists from top to bottom. With more than 100+ artists to see, Electric Love has done an incredible job not only hyping their local BC talent, but bringing in some serious international headliners to share the stage. A quick look at the festival’s lineup will show quite a few noticeable names and several DMNW favorites. Electric Love is a perfect opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the diverse music scene offered up by BC. We love the fully inclusive, community vibe that Electric Love promotes, and look forward to experiencing this one for ourselves this year.

[accordion-group title=”Remind Me Again Who’s Playing”]

If you’ve been following along to the Electric Love lead up, you probably know who’s playing already, and have meticulously gone through the lineup to pick the artists you want to see. If you’re just hearing the word about the festival or need a reminder here’s the full lineup:


[accordion-group title=”When is *Insert Artist* Set?”]

It’s worth taking a look at the festival’s website to familiarize yourself with the schedule. Cell phone batteries die eventually so if you’re looking to make sure you’ve got a schedule on hand for when it does, be sure to print one out before you leave home.


[accordion-group title=”Who can I NOT Miss”]

This is likely the most subjective portion of the guide. Musical taste very between each individual, but there are a few acts on this year’s lineup that are can’t-misses. Most of the time, the sets we’ve enjoyed the most are the ones we’ve stumbled upon by chance, or let our ears do the walking. However, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t looking forward to catching this sets at Electric Love, so we put together a list of one for each day.

Friday 2:00am – 3:30am @ The Nest (Longwalkshortdock)

Taking the stage on the same day, and same time as his Bass Coast appearence, Dave King will be giving us a full 90 minute bass barrage. Honestly though…we can’t get enough of Longwalkshortdock!

Saturday 11:00pm12:00am @ The Arcade (Kytami)

We’ve been singing Kytami’s praise for a while now so you can count on us being there for this one. With a freshly released music video and playing to their BC home crowd, this one is gonna be a good’n.

Also worth noting is the “Twisted Showcase” from 11pm until 5am at The Nest with the likes of Skiitour, Featurecast, Stickybuds and more!

Sunday 12:00am – 1:00am @ The Arcade (Whipped Cream)

Caroline Cecil aka Whipped Cream has been absolutely crushing it this year. Her hard work and dedication to her passion have been showing through, and you can guarantee she’s going to work up a killer set. Coming hot off some major US show dates, Caroline has a bunch of new tracks we’re looking forward to hearing get played out.


Miscellaneous Resources

Outside of general Electric Love tips and info we proudly have amassed a host info festival information to help make your weekend just a tad better. From totem guides to safety and dance moves we’ve collected all the good and placed them in one easy to find location!

The Do’s and Dont’s of Totems – A guide to totems for festivals

Festival Crowd Etiquette – Respect the venue, others and yourself

The DMNW Safety Guide – How to prevent festival injuries

Consent is Sexy – Don’t be “Some Guy,” and respect each other at all times!

The BEST Dance Moves – According to science

PK Sound’s Epic Game of Capture the Flag – Keep an eye out on the road to Electric Love, and you may just get lucky…

Electric Love 2017 is just a few short hours away, and we’re already itching to get on the road. Festival season has hit the PNW, and we’re officially into the thick of it. The DMNW team will be on-site all weekend shooting photos, doing interviews, and getting some much-needed rest by the river.

As we all count down the days until we return, we hope this guide serves you well for this year’s festival. If you’re unable to make it but want to live vicariously through our own experience, be sure to stay tuned to our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for updates. We’ll be on the festival grounds for nearly a week shooting photos, talking to attendees and sharing the experience with you in the days to come.


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!