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Get A Dose Of Decibel Festival With Exclusive Mixes & More

kastle decibel festival 2014 exclusive mix

If we’ve learned anything about Decibel Festival over the last few years, especially since releasing its first and second wave of artists for 2014, it’s that there are so many phenomenal talents to choose from. While this is undoubtedly a blessing to the Seattle dance music scene, it does make for some touch choices we really don’t want to make. Thankfully, Decibel Festival is here to hopefully make that decision-making a bit easier by offering exclusive dB2014 mixes from selected artists via their Soundcloud page. So far, Com Truise, Isis Graham and Kastle have been featured as guest artists for the exclusive mixes, with many more to come between now and festival week.

In addition to the exclusive mixes, dB Fest is releasing playlists for each showcase, so we can get a feel for not only the individual artists, but the venue’s showcase as a whole for that particular evening. Want to hear a sampling of the Resident Advisor Showcase at the EMP’s Sky Church on Wednesday, September 24th? Peep the Resident Advisor Showcase playlist below for an audial preview of the show, and be on the lookout for more showcase-specific playlists on dB’s Soundcloud page. We hope these mixes and playlists help narrow down some of the tough decisions you’ll (regrettably) have to make, but if you’re anything like us, they’ll only make the decision harder… but hey, at least we now have an unlimited supply of groovy tunes along the way.

Did you know the legendary Pete Tong will be headlining the closing Decibel Festival party? Don’t miss out on getting tickets to the festival before they sell out!

Who are you most thrilled to see live in Seattle? Richie Hawtin? Anna Lunoe? Tell us in the comments below!

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