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New Calvin Harris album, ‘whole new experience’ in the works

calvin harris ranked best electronic artist MTV EMA
Photo Credit: Rukes

If you’ve been waiting to hear more music Slide in from Calvin Harris, this is an exciting time for fans. According to the latest financial report released by Sony Records, the Scottish superstar has a noteworthy project in the works. And as low-key of an announcement this is, it’s really music to our ears.

Whether this was an accidental slip up or not, lovers of Calvin Harris should rejoice, for a new album could soon be headed our way. Harris’s latest album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 was released in June of 2017, providing our summer with breezy, funky, tropical feels we didn’t know we needed. Listen to one of our favorites from the album Faking It here:

His album includes some of pop music’s heaviest hitters. Since then, he’s released tracks such as One Kiss and Giant, giving us a taste of the direction his music is headed. It’s been roughly two years since his last venture and it seems that his musical style continues to evolve. Harris’s latest singles have him working with artists such as Sam Smith and PARTYNEXTDOOR.

These recently released singles did not go unnoticed, as One Kiss and Promises both scored two new No. 1 hits on the UK Singles Chart weeks after being released; we believe this new album is going to be bigger and better than before.

What direction do you think his music is headed? Which artists do you think will join in on his latest album? We want to hear from you on Facebook and Twitter!

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1 Comment

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