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Mau5trap star uses all of his Mana to unleash debut album (Review)

No Mana delivers on debut album! With over 50 official releases since 2015 we had high expectations that the Mau5trap producer was forced to overcome. Secret Level is his first full length album and he reached the top floor. This is electro and progressive house at it’s peak.

We notice a familiar album routine. Every song is higher energy than the last. No Mana starts out deep and progressive before unleashing his electro house sensibilities. For Secret Level the theme is a callback to 1990’s video games. Where you find easter eggs, items, and new levels by navigating through complex mazes.

At one point No Mana throws a Phoenix up into the air and defeats an enemy army. Eventually he uses nearly all of his mana to unleash his Special Move. You will notice he used great deal of video game references  to create his track titles.

Song Analysis:

Only Noise (feat Voicians) –
This is the third track from Secret Level. The first two are melodic and serve as smooth introductions. Only Noise comes in heavy with the signature No mana energy. Voicians provides a rock music background to the vocals. This is what we were expecting from No Mana, heavy electro.

Special Move
Immediately this one begins with a build up. This Special Move feels like a callback to Dragon Ball Z where certain abilities can take over a minute to build up. The Mau5trap producer even has a full on trance breakdown in the middle to replenish his mana. What genre? It almost feels like tech-house, a blend of techno and house.

The most complex and highest energy track is last on the album. In 30 seconds he builds up the main melody with production after production. This is where we celebrate because we beat the game and got the highest score.

VVVR takes a sharp turn at 1:45 where a new melody is brought in. Notice the complexity. How he merged these two productions into one fluent song. Anyone and everyone is jumping around the 2:50 second mark. Try it with us!

We weren’t sure which direction No Mana would go with his first full length album. Our usual hope with any new album is that a producer is able to hold onto their key sound. That they can create something new and exciting while holding onto who they are.

No Mana went for a well rounded album that is predominately electro house. Fans who are searching for something new and different will love this one. No Mana always delivers. You can catch him on tour in Seattle on March 6 and Portland on February 27.
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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!