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EDX – No Xcuses #151 & Exclusive Interview (Presented By DMNW)

EDX No Xcuses - Dance Music Northwest

World renowned house phenom EDX is one artist you most definitely should get to know. With over 20 years experience in DJing and music production, EDX is at the top of his game and is one of the world’s biggest acts in EDM. His most recent accomplishment was landing his own No Xcuses radio show on Sirius XM Electric Area. Now, 151 episodes in, No Xcuses remains as one of the best podcasts in electronic music. EDX features the best of every genre of house music, including a handful of unreleased and world premiere tracks that he’s gotten his hands on before anyone else. There’s a reason why he earns DJ slots in some of the best clubs across the globe – including a year-long residency at Space Ibiza. And it is our pleasure to bring you No Xcuses #151, exclusively through yours truly – Dance Music Northwest.

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We had the good fortune of presenting EDX’s No Xcuses #151 right here through Dance Music Northwest, and what an honor it is to be able to build such a massive connection. In addition, we were able to speak to EDX and ask the big questions we all want to know about a world-renowned DJ. Dig into our exclusive interview with EDX below, but first, may we officially present to you: No Xcuses #151, mixed by house legend EDX himself.

[toggle header=”Tracklist”]

01: Antonio Giacca – Deviate [Pinkstar]

02: Tritonal & Paris Blohm feat. Sterling Fox – Colors (Extended Mix) [Protocol]

03: MAKJ & Henry Fong – Encore (Original Mix) [Hysteria]

04: Blasterjaxx – Mystica (Original Mix) [Revealed]

05: Dada Life – This Machine Kills Ravers (Original Mix) [So Much Dada]

06: David Jones – Jovy [Juicy]

07: ID – Drunk [Be Yourself]

08: Dave202 – ID [S2]

09: EDX & Nadia Ali – This Is Your Life (Andrew Bennett Remix) [Pinkstar]

10: Kevin Charm – Sydneysider (Original Mix) [Enhanced]

11: Wolfgang Gartner – Piranha (Original Mix) [Kindergarten]

12: My Digital Enemy – Shamen (Original Mix) [Vudu]

13: EDX – Reckless Ardor (Original Mix) [Enormous Tunes][/toggle]

And may we present to you, dearest readers and devout fans, our Dance Music Northwest exclusive interview with EDX. Get to know his early influences, his favorite tour stops, and what he thinks about the massive growth in electronic dance music across the globe. We hope you learn something new about EDX, as well as gain new insight from such a legendary artist who has grown with the rising scene. Enjoy!

[toggle header=”Exclusive Interview With EDX”]

You’ve remixed tons of different artists from all different walks of house music. What sort of factors figure into your decisions to take on a track to remix, and what is it you want to bring out each time?

I am personally very happy that I am able to still keep and develop the EDX signature sound after so many years. It’s always a blessing to work on remixes and collaborations, as well as mixing my own musical vision with an already produced vocal or song. I always try to pick up remixes that I feel I can deliver the bigger mix and most of the time, the original version has already touched me.

So you had a classical education as a kid, but from what we’ve found you were more into sports for that part of your life. What drove you away from sports and towards dance music?

Actually, I was a very very good soccer player. Back then, I felt that I broke my father’s heart stopping with that for the clubbing and music adventure.. Today he is proud and definitely a huge supporter… It was the rave generation of the 90’s that took over my heart after being a Hip-Hop DJ in the beginning. It’s funny that I can still tell that I’m in love with that generation and movement… 🙂

 In many of our interviews, we come across artists who prefer either producing, or performing, and rarely do we come across someone who likes both equally. What would you say your preference is (if any)?

I love the craziness of being on the road and performing for music lovers all over the world. Sometimes it’s good to relax and studio time is amazing for that. It’s kind of a balance which makes me move forward and be happy with what I do..

You live in Switzerland, but were raised in Italy. Do you find the cultures from either country influence the way you make music? 

I was raised in Switzerland the Italian way. Both of my parents are Italian and most of my friends are too. I have to agree that in many ways being raised in Switzerland with the Swiss mentality and their approach everything, mixed up with the Italian way of life and cultural aspects can be seen as a blessing for me. I somehow have many influences from both sides… Of course only the good ones… 🙂

As someone whose music is as eclectic as yours, what are your thoughts on the direction house has taken towards a certain “sameness”? Do you think it’s a positive move towards popularizing dance music, or a negative one that stifles creativity?

It has already happened many times and will happen again and again in cycles. Especially with the fact that now in the USA, electronic music is getting a huge audience and it is something really positive from my point of you. I think people should meet together, hang out, rage together and have this kind of Woodstock feeling from back in the day. The new rave generation in the US is definitely bringing young music enthusiasts together…

You’ve said you’re close with Avicii’s team, and have remixed more than one of this tracks–are there any plans in the future for any more possible collaborations?

He is doing the big sound and he is kind of a revolution on the dance floor. Really proud of his whole team for what they have achieved in only a few years. Definitely hard work and good music. Yes, I remixed two of his tracks and he remixed my track “Shy Shy” back in the day. We go way back…


You’ve played shows all over the globe. What is one country, or on city outside of your hometown(s) that you feel really responds and connects to your true sound, one that you love seeing on your tour schedule? 

There are so many people all over the world that are into house music and there are so many great places, it’s very hard to choose one. Last year I played so many shows in the US. My best show of 2013 was in Brasilia for Carnival. I can still remember the amazing crowed and the chills… Great times.

Who are some other artists (any genre) on the rise that you “see yourself” in, or some up-and-comers that you believe have a flourishing career in the future?  

There is a lot of upcoming and very talented guys out there. I have been supporting Nora En Pure a lot lately, and also Croatia Squad and Antonio Giacca.


You are viewed by us, as well as the rest of the EDM community, as one of the founding fathers of genuine electronic music. As crazy as it is to take that in, who were some artists that you remember looking up to growing up? The ones that really stood out above the rest for you?

I really always loved the music of Eric Prydz and Deadmau5 but also artist like Steve Angello. Of course there are more progressive guys such as Gareth emery – he was one of the first guys using softer house beats in his trance-y productions… I could write a list of about 50 people… There are so many of them for me… In the very early 90’s, there was Laurent Garnier or St. Germain as well.

As an influential artist, what is something you see in the electronic dance music community that you think lacks in other areas of world music? Is the genuine passion and respect for dance music still apparent to you as you travel all over? Do you believe the “mainstreaming” popularity of EDM has turned the genres away from their true roots, or are they still deeply grounded and will always remain? 

I feel like a lot of artist who are on the top are there because they really love what they do. They love the music history, they love the movement, especially the generation (which I feel is very friendly and familiarly to each other), and it’s the momentum of EDM that turns this whole community a little more into an sell out direction. But the artists that are on the top care about music, at least this is what I feel.. 🙂


You can download No Xcuses #151 on iTunes, here.

EDX - No Xcuses Podcast - #151

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