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Pigeon Hole Drops New EP ‘Invasion’ On Sleeveless Records [Review]

Pigeon Hole have just released a brand new EP, titled Invasion, on the famed Sleeveless Records. A fitting name for the EP, as the pair quickly and powerfully invaded the bass music scene over the past few years; they quickly established themselves on top of the west coast bass phenomenon, while still retaining their unique sound.

When we got to chat with the Pigeon Hole boys back in October, we knew that the next couple months were gonna be wild for them, and boy, were we right! Currently, the duo is en route to Costa Rica to smash Bamboo Bass Festival, alongside names such as Paper Diamond and Minnesota.

This latest release gives you everything you want from a Pigeon Hole album, with so much more you didn’t know you needed. The title track, which premiered on YourEDM last week, is truly a crowd pleasing monster. It delivers that crunchy, head-nodding style that you’ve come to expect from this high energy duo. The rolling bass line is almost entrancing in it’s simplicity, while still remaining complex and unique at the same time.

Following is the heavy dubstep roller Eight Arms, which brings the tempo down and lets you really get low. Its cheeky samples and the hypnotic drum beat quickly drop down into one of the heaviest bass lines of 2018, so turn your goddamn sub up for this one.

Closing the EP is the certified classic pre-release, COMEWIDDIT (our personal favourite on the album), which you can guarantee to hear interspersed in bass music sets this season; this one is a dance floor heater! If you’ve caught a Pigeon Hole live set in the last bit you may have heard this one, and those who have heard it, just wanted to hear it again and again.

Pigeon Hole managed to set the tone for heavy bass this year with the Invasion EP. All of the tunes come together flawlessly, plus you can hear the musical progression between this and their last release immediately. It’s clear that 2017 was a year of growth and success for these guys, and we know that we’re far from done with them yet. So, peep the release below on Soundcloud or check it out on Spotify. 3 tracks, 2 dudes, 1 ass shaking good time, don’t sleep folks.

What’s your favorite track off the duo’s newest EP? Have any favorite memories from their sets over the last year? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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26 years old, with a voracious appetite for bass, dancing, all things art, and a flair for the dramatic, Jamie Gib grew up in the rave scene, having been introduced to electronic music in the late 90s as a small child from his cousin and he joined the rave scene in 2004, and never looked back, A DJ, Promoter, Go-Go Dancer, and writer, Jamie has made his mark on the Vancouver Island scene and beyond, having worked or attended 90% of the festivals on the Pacific North West and has no plans on stopping there. If there's dirty house, drum n bass or glitch hop to be heard, you can bet he's not far behind.

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!