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Nora Van Elken Sunset Sessions Flyer
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Sunset Sessions at the Space Needle are back, featuring Nora Van Elken

As spring begins to show its colors here in the Pacific Northwest, we find ourselves dreaming about the untouchable sunsets that cast over the Seattle skyline. While you will find us hard-pressed to deny the beauty of these sunsets, there are a few things that take them to the next level. A nice hike along the Cascade peaks? A hammock nestled between two trees next to the Puget Sound? How about dinner, music, and a night of dancing in Seattle’s most iconic feature, the Seattle Space Needle!

You’re in luck: Vivid Presents is back with their Sunset Sessions series, hosted at the Space Needle. On April 7, join us for a performance from Nora Van Elken and local talent. This event promises to be a crowd-pleaser, complete with a full food and bar menu.

In early 2020, Vivid Presents ambitiously debuted its Sunset Sessions series at the Space Needle. The first outing included the sounds of Dirty South while showcasing the beauty of Seattle’s historic landmark. The event was massively successful, and created palpable magic throughout the city’s vibrant dance music scene.

Earlier this month, Vivid Presents made their immaculate return to the city at their new home at Seattle’s Chapel Lounge. Their return featured local artists and the up-and-coming OCULA for his Seattle debut. He’s a regular artist on Lane 8’s This Never Happened label, and Deadmau5’s mau5trap label. With this event in the rearview mirror, the Vivid Presents team is looking invigorated and ready to breathe life back into the Seattle dance music scene with new artists and venues!

Looking ahead to the Sunset Sessions at the Space Needle with Nora Van Elken

This Sunset Sessions at the Space Needle will include Seattle local talent DJ Trinitron and BAD GINGER paired with none other than international DJ Nora Van Elken. Nora Van Elken is no stranger to playing side-by-side with some of nature’s most beautiful sunsets, evidenced by her Primosten, Croatia live set. With that being said, this sunset will be even more special seeing as this is her Seattle debut! This Dutch producer creates music that features chill and ambient deep house sounds. She masterfully pairs this sound with an ensemble of percussion that highlights her unique style.

With that being said, you’ll find your brain tickled by a deep and driving bass line! We suggest checking out her latest release featuring the vocals of WILS, Don’t Let Me Go. Both DJ Trinitron and BAD GINGER are well-known in the Seattle area for their live performances and contributing to the city’s dance music scene. If you can’t get enough of their sound, check out DJ Trinitron’s long-running Bounce Brunch events. They have both played events throughout our city, and this iconic venue is another feather in the cap of both. They are sure to get the party started off right before Nora Van Elken winds us into the sunset.

Immersive show including full food and drink options

Besides great music, this unique event aims to be a fully immersive, all-inclusive event. Tickets include a 3-course meal, drinks, and production that highlights the beauty of an unforgettable sunset viewed from the Space Needle. The concert will be held on the Skyline Level, but tickets also include access to the top of the Space Needle. The top-level Atmos area includes a glass floor and outdoor observation deck.

The event’s production will transport attendees into a sunset oasis. Both the performance and lounge areas will include greenery, warm colors, and all the vibes you could ask for. This event is sure to leave you with lasting memories, and get you excited for all that is to come this year in Seattle! We are looking forward to dancing into the sunset, will you be joining us?

Tickets are running low for this event, but you can still secure yours at Vivid Presents’ website.


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!