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tyDi: Redefining 2014 In His Own Image (Exclusive Interview)

“Before a show there’s always this rush, I know my fans are dedicated, they’re not just walk-ins, they’re not just there to be at a club, they’re there to see me and they know my music.” – tyDi

TyDi’s presence in Seattle on February 14th was felt by many. The heart-warming performance included new tracks and a range of genres. During our talk, we pushed him to play his new track, but not even two more glasses of champagne could get us a preview of his new single Stay (which has now released on iTunes and Beatport). Sorry Seattle, we tried. “My manager would kick my ass! It’s on my USB stick, and there’s a chance if I have a few more of these Champagnes, I’ll play it, but the repercussions would be brutal for me.” Unfortunately, management and labels tend to frown on impromptu sneak peeks.


Keep an eye out for the Stay music video!

These are the kind of rules in the music industry I don’t like, but with a new single coming out I have to keep it under wraps until the release date, and for the guy that made the song, it’s kind of frustrating. I want the world to see and hear it.

Stay features The Voice star Dia Frampton, a singer-songwriter and lead vocalist in the band Meg & Dia. TyDi explained that he chose Frampton and her indie/folk style as a way of keeping his genre indefinable. “I wanted to mix her style with mine. My fans have known me for awhile, and I don’t really have a genre really. In a two hour set, I’ll play a chill-out, full-on orchestral track that I’ve composed, and then a heavy dance track; it’s not just choosing random songs, it’s done with artistic integrity” TyDi has an uncanny ability to play these different styles in a manner where they flow into one other perfectly.

[quote style=”1″ author=”tyDi”]I have a really wide scale of music taste, and this track, it’s something I’ve never done before, and I think that the people that have known me for a really long time – I think they’re going to get a pretty big shock because of the indie/folk influence.[/quote]

Stay is the first track we’ll get to hear off tyDi’s upcoming album, Redefined. Shifting his focus from production to song-writing, Redefined will feature vocals on every track, setting it apart from Hotel Rooms and Shooting Stars. “This new album is all vocal, and that’s because while writing it I’ve been so into to song-writing. Before I even get on the computer, I sit down with Dia or anyone, and we sit down with a guitar or at a piano and just play music, and someone will sing with me, and we’ll write the lyrics first. We’ll write the chorus and then we’ll go, wouldn’t it be cool to make this the bridge, wait a minute, that’s catchier, let’s make that the chorus and switch this to the bridge. And so I’m really into the song-writing itself more than I’m into the production.” A lot of artists have been bringing real orchestral instruments and elements back into todays electronic music, but tyDi dare’s to go one step further.

[quote style=”1″ author=”tyDi”]”Every track on Redefined you can play it on a piano, you can sing it.”[/quote]

His sound certainly cannot be confined to any one genre. Having officially made the move from Australia to Los Angeles, we get the feeling this Aussie has much more to show us. “The move has given me a lot of freedom.” TyDi loves how the US has one broad range category that fits all of his music, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), unlike other places in the world where producers are likely to get stuck in their 1-2 genre labels.


tyDi’s recent move to L.A. promises to be an adventure for all of us.

“There was this phase in Australia, I was underground, and people really liked that. I’ve now gotten to a point where I’m doing anything and everything, as long as It’s great music, I’ll write a 12 minute orchestral piece or a 3 minute pop song and the pop song will offend the trance fans, and trance fans will hate the house music, and the house guys might be jaded because I’ve made a trance song. In America you don’t have that, they just brand it all as EDM, I think that’s great.” There’s something to be said about the freedom of moving to a new place. TyDi’s tour around the US & Canada will not only be a refreshing change of scenery, but a time to share his genre-free sets with North America, and not have to travel so far away from his new home base.

[quote style=”1″ author=”tyDi”]”When you’re in a certain single spot for so long, people start to label you, and I feel totally unlabeled now, I’m free again.”[/quote]

On his journey to Seattle, tyDi received a crazy dare from a fan. In response, the short plane ride was used to craft an incredible remix of Blink 182’s iconic Miss You, which you can check out and download for free (here).

[quote style=”1″ author=”tyDi”]Someone tweeted me about my Blink 182 tattoo, and said I dare you to play a Blink 182 song, and I thought, holy $#!t that would be awesome![/quote]

TyDi’s fan base in Seattle is huge. Always active with supporters, he replied to hundreds of Tweets after playing and publishing his Blink 182 remix. He even ventured into the crowd numerous times during and after the show. After this and his performance at Paradiso last year, we’re confident in saying he’s now a part of our Seattle family. “My history in Seattle has been intense, especially after Paradiso, it just gave me this buzz in Seattle that I never thought I’d ever have. There’s definitely a vibe happening, and I’m feeling it.”


Valentine’s Day Love with tyDi “Photo Credit Tyler Hill Photography”

Tyson ended our interview by thanking all his Seattle fans for coming out on Valentine’s Day to support him on his new American adventure. Without the support of his fans, he noted, “this wouldn’t be possible,” and that he wouldn’t be doing what he truly loves. And Seattle loves you too, tyDi.


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!