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Mord Fustang And The Story Of A Sold-Out Crowd

Foundation Nightclub has become the weekly hub for all things music in Seattle. Ranked as the #55 club worldwide by DJ Mag, it’s a Northwest fixture that we can always count on to bring in the biggest acts the world has to offer. Kaskade stopped there for his Redux tour back in the Spring. Tiesto made a surprise appearance during Kill The Noise’s Pre-Paradiso set. Above & Beyond sold it out less than 10 minutes after tickets went on sale for their February appearance. If there’s one place to be on any given weekend, it’s definitely Foundation.

Mord Fustang may very well be one of the most talented electro artists in the world right now. But this time around, he wasn’t the only reason for what was an incredible sellout crowd. Typically the dance-floor at Foundation is empty until the moment a main act gets behind the decks; it’s not unreasonable, people pay good money to see big talent. But last night, people packed the floor more and more for each opener until the room was completely filled for locals Dig Dug and DARRIUS. In a clear demonstration of support for a growing Seattle scene, the energy of the room was at 100% before Mord Fustang even took the stage.

Mord Fustang throwing down at Foundation Nightclub

Mord Fustang throwing down at Foundation Nightclub

Feeding off of that energy, Mord launched into his set with smooth electro drop after smooth electro drop. On his Facebook, he describes his music as “arpeggios, wobbles, 1-up mushrooms and disco basslines,” and there’s no better way to sum up last night’s music than from the man himself. With a growing trend in the electro community to make music that isn’t just electro, Foundation was treated to a veritable variety-pack of genres.

After a house drop, we’d get a glitchy instrumental kick. After a glitchy instrumental kick, we’d get music that would be perfect for an underwater Super Mario Brothers level on steroids. The end result was a strange yet intriguing balance between the unexpected and a crowd completely in sync in the music.

It was that synchronicity that came to define the night’s festivities. Rarely do you see a crowd maintain the same level of intensity for each opener all the way through the headlining act. Last night, we were treated to exactly that. It’s what makes the Seattle scene entirely unique, and it’s a shining example of a town that loves its local talent just as much as its world-famous guests.


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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!

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Important things happen in Pacific Northwest nightlife, and DMNW will send you alerts!